Tuesday 26 February 2013


My replacement camera battery charger arrived this afternoon and I'm very pleased that the supplier has actually sent me an upgraded version which works perfectly so I was able to charge a battery and take my camera to the Gallery this evening.   I photographed most of the works hung tonight (although some artists were late in arriving/setting up) so probably won't bother taking my camera to the Open Night/Private View tomorrow evening where there will be lots of people milling around so difficult to take photos.

There is a real assortment of work here for the exhibition - probably more contemporary art than 'realism' but also a fair selection of jewellery and crafts

These are my pictures for hanging in the main Gallery - carefully laid out on the floor at home and photographed so we could crack on quickly this evening

and here they are on the wall - a bit crammed together but never mind ... we only get a couple of hours to hang the works and there's always a bit of confusion with people borrowing each other's drills, spirit levels, steps etc ..

At the risk of repeating myself, I love Alma's glass ornaments - mostly fish and chickens but a few other creatures included here.  

There will be more artwork on display but David and I left everyone to it and went off to buy fish & chips for Supper as it was pretty late by then.

I have hung a couple more pictures in the main Gallery window looking out onto the street but it was too dark and too cold to stand outside photographing the window.

So tomorrow David and I are off to our usual Wednesday Voluntary jobs at Pilgrims Hospice eBay office and then back to the Gallery in the evening for the Private View.   Thursday I need to crack on with the Dog commission which is required to be completed/despatch asap.  The other 2 commissions for this client will follow on later.


  1. I thought a couple of those pictures of yours were commissions, I guess not.

    Interesting things on display, jewellery et., but nothing that would tempt me I'm afraid.

  2. Great collection of work!
    Good luck with the show :)

  3. Hi Jo
    No these are pieces I use to promote my commission business normally. The silver poodle portrait is of a 'local' dog so if her mum calls into the Gallery she might be tempted! I really need to make room for newer sample pieces now so it would be nice to get a sale or two here :-)

    Must confess, apart from the glass ornaments I'm not tempted either this time :-) The Made in Whitstable Group has more than 250 members so there is always a mixed bag of items in these exhibitions - photos, pottery, knitwear, jewellery but mostly art

  4. Thank you Peggy. May be a little too close to Christmas but hopefully some of the visitors will have cash to spare LOL

  5. I think it looks like a good assortment of items so hopefully people will be in and buying. I'm told that art sales have begun to pick up here in the US so maybe people will be buying there also.

  6. Best of luck at the exhibition Sue - your artworks look fabulous in a collection on the wall - hope you get heaps of sales and then you can have fun making new samples :)

  7. Good luck Sue, hope you sell the lot :-)

    You are lucky to have a venue that promotes local art, even if you don't sell at least it gets your name out there and people do remember when they want a commission. I think I live in a art graveyard here, although there are a number of artists living locally there just isn't anything to help our promotion except for Somerset Art Week which is so expensive that I don't participate.


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