Tuesday 12 February 2013

13/02: SAA. Society for All Artists

Regular readers of my Blog will know that I was keen to try the new Derwent Watercolour paper (for use with coloured pencils) and indeed planned to use it for the next couple of commissions.  I ordered a pad of A2 size (approx 16.5" x 24") as the commissions are for large sizes.

I was disappointed that the parcel was damaged on arrival and most of the paper was horribly creased down the middle.  I took several photos and emailed them to the SAA Customer Service Team.

SAA advised me to remove a sheet of the undamaged paper for my commission.  They said they would ship out a replacement pad and a 'freepost' return label so I could return the damaged pad to them.

The replacement pad arrived today in perfect condition.  When I unwrapped it tonight there was no freepost label - just a note saying the SAA do not require the damaged pad to be returned and I can keep it with their compliments.

I've just sent a thank you email to the SAA.   As the paper size is so large I will be able to cut down the damaged sheets for smaller works - say A4 size.    I'm very grateful to the SAA for the excellent way they responded to my problem (can't really call it a complaint as the damage was obviously caused by the delivery people). 

I've been a member of the SAA for many years and this is the first problem I've had with a delivery.   They dealt with the problem fantastically and that is what counts.     I can't speak highly enough of the SAA and their customer service team


  1. Hi Sue, the SAA are great at this sort of thing, I had a problem with some coloured pencils I bought from them, (not their fault it was a manufacturing problem), They sent me the replacements and I received them in the post the next morning, they also didn't want the others to be returned. They were friendly on the phone and couldn't have been more helpful and efficient. A great place to get your art materials from....three cheers!!!

  2. Yaaay! I was hoping you'd get to keep the damaged paper. It's often more expensive for them to pay for a return than to just give you the merchandise.

    You'll have to tell us how it works for you.

  3. that is great customer service :D


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