Monday 10 August 2009

10/08: Dogs Trust Fun Day - Chestfield

Our local Dogs Trust Centre held their annual Fun Day yesterday - they were soooo lucky with the weather.

There was a fantastic turnout and the dogs were all having a wonderful time making new friends and joining in lots of the activities. It is always fun watching dogs being introduced to the joys of agility training(actually its more fun watching the owners trying to show them what to do - I think we saw more humans jumping fences than dogs!!

These are a few of the dogs I met and will hopefully have the pleasure of drawing in the future (not necessarily from these photos) :

This is Zeus, a Rottweiler x German Shepherd

Lupo & Red (brothers) - Mum was Collie x Whippet and Dad was Greyhound x Old English Sheepdog!

Mum and daughters - 3 beautiful whippets

Kali. Black & tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


  1. I love these photos Sue. Did you get any commissions?

  2. Hi Jo - no I don't like pushing myself forward. I chatted to the owners and got permission to photograph the dogs - I gave them cards and suggested they look at the website in a month or so to see whether I'd drawn their dogs :o) I do have some great ref pics so will add these to my 'to do' list anyway

  3. I would have loved to go to that, wish we were closer to a dog trust but the nearest one is over an hour away. when we do have the money to properly take care of a dog we plan on adopting one from there. Even an older dog would be fine, even if it lives for only a short time, the dogs last moments would be happy and not in a shelter. :)

    zeus is a gorgeous dog :D

  4. Hi Jennifer
    Don't know where in Scotland you live but you might like to look at the Dog Aid Society of Scotland. I donated a portrait for the winner of their recent Rescue Dog of the Year Competition (Tobias). They are lovely people to deal with. If you do get in touch mention my name :o)

    Contact Lucy
    this is their site


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