Saturday 28 August 2010


Today's tight schedule went haywire .....

It started badly when the farrier was late arriving at the stables  to attend to Roxy's feet ... he had 5 horses to deal with so we finished up running 1 hour late.  We visited Mum and Mum-in-Law and then drove to London to take a look at the SOFA exhibition, Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, Waterloo.   I was disappointed to find that my picture of a Ragdoll cat, with grey mount and black frame, looked very dowdy compared with its neighbours which were mainly framed with white mounts.   But anyway ..... the exhibition opened yesterday but the official champagne reception/private view is on Tuesday.  We are going on hols 2am tomorrow morning so this was our only opportunity to see the exhibits.

Here are a few of the pics I took


  1. Wow there is some fantastic breath taking work there. Thank you for showing the exhibit to us.

  2. My goodness - what a gorgeous exhibition!!! I've never been to an exhibition dedicated to cats only, but what a wonderful sight it would be. I used to frame my artworks using matte boards that I felt enhanced the artwork, but was told by the President of our Minaiture Art Society, that it is best to always go for white or off white, so I learnt the hard way. Your cat still looks beautiful amongst all the other cats Sue!!!

  3. Wow Sue!

    Brilliant! I was so excited tha you photographed this and posted it. Thank you so much!

    Have to say it made me cry ;0) (in a nice way) You managed to capture my work too and one of them is SOLD!!!!! This is the first piece of work I ever sold at a gallery - I am so excited.

    Hope you're having a lovely holiday and it's a shame I won't see you on Tuesday. Chat when you get back.

    Jilly x

  4. Oh, Sue! Thanks for sharing these photos! I doubt that I'd ever get to see the exhibit in person and this is the next best thing!

    Your Ragdoll cat is still gorgeous and may even attract more attention for being different than the others.

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  7. Thanks everyone ... and congrats Jilly - sorry it was difficult to photgraph Molly as she's in the window and the security grilles reflect on the glass.

    Its an eye-catching exhibition with some really fantastic exhibits .. Its encouraged me to strive harder next year

  8. Wow Sue these are wonderful photos I have never been to this exhibition but seeing this it's on my list for next summer some stunning work there and quitea sprinkling of those coveted red dots!
    (Well done Jilly!)
    hope your holiday recharges those batteries as it looks like you are busy again xx

  9. Thanks Kay, and everyone else for commenting ... I tried to respond from the internet cafe on hols but kept failing (hence the 'author's removal posts above)!!

    Kay, there were some fantastic works at the exhibition and I came away inspired to 'do better' next year! I believe Geraldine is going/has been to visit the exhibition as part of her college course so it will be interesting to see her comments in due course.

  10. Looks like a fantastic exhibition Sue and really great art, hope you had some good hols!


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