Thursday 14 February 2013


David and I are so boring .... we don't exchange Valentine Cards or send red roses (but the house is full of daffodils at the moment which I much prefer)!        I am, however, cooking David's favourite Dinner for him tonight which he will appreciate far more than a Clinton card (having said that, its probably bah-humbug people like us that contributed to the demise of Clinton as we rarely purchased their merchandise)!!

But .... love is definitely in the air and on the minds of the garden birds.

The nesting boxes have been regularly inspected over the last few days and I'm fairly certain we'll be seeing young blue tits being raised in the garden this Spring ....

 the snow has gone, and we've had lots of drizzly wet stuff for the last day or two - all the fruit trees were dripping this morning .....

but at least all the bird water trays/baths got filled up with no effort from me. 

This robin had a great time in his bath today making himself pretty

He wasn't too happy about being observed I think

OK a little more progress on the family group portrait.   I've emailed this progress picture to my client tonight but I always get a bit twitchy about sending progress pics too soon - there is still a lot of refining to be done to hair and skintones etc ... but I promised an update today so I've sent it - hope it doesn't scare him too much

My mum-in-law has been poorly and admitted to hospital yesterday so no art yesterday and I'll be hospital visiting tomorrow.  I'll work more on this at the weekend to have another update ready early next week.   This is where I got to today:


  1. This family group is looking wonderful so far. Did so enjoy the birds photographs must spend more time looking in our garden.

  2. I think your client will love what you've done so far and I know I can't wait to see how it progresses too :)
    Hope your mum-in-law feels better. I will keep her in my prayers!

  3. I admire that you take on commissions of people....I very rarely take on such request and almost always do so with not so much gusto.
    This is coming along beautifully Sue and I am sure the end result will be outstanding. Am looking forward to seeing more!
    I envy that the buds and birds are welcoming spring already in your neck of the woods....stuck in the dead of winter here and it seems it lasts forever.

  4. I think is not important if you give away cards ... the most important thing is what we feel and always let know that we love. your photos are wonderful.
    The portrait will this being excellent, the household composition I like.
    I hope your mother is feeling better.
    A hug and happy Valentine's Day

  5. Thanks ladies for stopping by and commenting.

    I do love watching the garden visitors but as you've probably worked out I get easily distracted by them when I should be working :-)

    Furry, four legged subjects will always be my favourite subjects and I didn't take on 'people' portraits until fairly recently but now I guess its a 50/50 ratio

    I hope Spring doesn't take too long to arrive with you Colette.

    Thank you Mayra - I fully agree with your thoughts on love and cards :-)

  6. The portrait is looking good and I'm sure the client will be well pleased with the progress.

    I like your bird photos, the blue tits are beautiful and the robins are so different from ours.

    I had a friend who said her husband of 35 years told her "I said I loved you on our wedding day, if anything changes I'll let you know". Now that sounds more than a little less than romantic to me but I'm with you on the cards and gifts on these "special" days. We try to show love all year around, not just on Valentine's Day. Hope you both enjoyed the meal!

  7. the portrait is looking really good :)

    hope your MIL will be ok

    love the attitude the little robins have, lol they always look so angry :p

  8. Lovely to see English robins, ours over here are really I thrush I believe. Hope you have lots of successful nests, we used to in the Carolinas.

    Love the family portrait, coming along really well.

    Hope your MIL will be better soon.


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