Wednesday 2 September 2015


If you get the chance to visit the Cumberland Pencil Museum, Keswick (home of Derwent) the UKCPS has its 13th World of Coloured Pencil exhibition running 29 August to 3 October.

I'm pleased to say my 'Big Issue Seller' was one of 3 Highly Commended pictures and the Award winners can be seen on the UKCPS website

The Big Issue Seller

 I apologise for neglecting my Blog of late .... and reading other Bloggers' posts but have been very busy sorting out Mother in Law's flat (for which we have a buyer now so fingers crossed for a smooth transaction) and also having a major blitz on our garden which has really gone to pot over the last year as we've had little time to look after it.     Its now been cleared of rampant ivy, bindweed, overgrown vines and weeds.   Had 2 tons of topsoil spread/dug into the beds and borders and now all the fences are about to be painted with wood protector.    

Once I get back to my artwork I have a horse commission to complete and some graphite portraits - as well as entries for next year's exhibitions so hope to be back on track by the end of the month.