Thursday 4 January 2018

4 JANUARY - Couldn't resist .. just a few more tweaks!

I know I said I wasn't going to touch the drawing till back from India but the alternative was packing my case and I just couldn't get motivated - mainly as I was expecting to have to iron some tops and ironing doesn't feature high in my list of things I like doing.   I reckon I iron clothes no more than twice a year (under duress).

Anyway, I lifted out some of the background colour with good old Blue Tack and added different shades which I blended in by rubbing quite firmly with paper towel.   Pastelmat lends itself to blending this way rather than having to keep on layering. 

I managed to photograph it in reasonable daylight (during the one hour of sunshine we got today) and can now see from the photo that there are several areas I need to blend more carefully to tone them down further (using a cotton bud on the areas around the top of her headscarf.   Well, I really do plan to leave it alone for a while now

and here's the Indian man I started working on.

I'm looking forward to adding lots more detail in the folds of that colourful turban and then I can get back to the skintones and adjust them as necessary.   The whiskers and hairs are indented into the paper before colour was applied and the more layers of colour/darker tones I add, the more the indentations/white hairs will stand out. 

I got bored when I reached his ear and decided to start on the turban - that's why it looks a bit odd at the moment

Cropped down a bit ....

This is a paper I've never used before and the jury's still out ... It is a nice heavweight one but has more 'tooth' than I normally like.    But I'll persevere

As with our previous trips to India, I plan to write daily Blog posts and post some pictures along the way.  

Some days we won't have access to decent internet/wifi so posts may be a bit sporadic but if you'd like to check our progress the Blog location is: