Tuesday 19 February 2019

19 FEB: Time to Stop 'Fiddling'

I'm restless ... well we both are really.    Bags are packed apart from last minute items and we're trying to stop ourselves going over and over the itinerary, worrying we've made mistakes with hotel/car bookings/timings etc.

I got the coloured pencils out and added several more (lighter) layers to Thierry's skin and blended out some of the harsh lines.   That whiled away a couple of hours although looking at the before and after pics, the changes are subtle and not very noticeable ... I'll move on to his clothes for another hour by which time the light will have gone and that will force me to do a last minute clean of the house.   Our house-sitter arrives tomorrow morning about an hour before we leave so just a quick hand-over and we're off!

Today's WIP.  His face hasn't changed shape, I think I've photographed this at an angle which has foreshortened the picture a little.

Monday 18 February 2019

18 FEB: Odds & Ends and Last Minute Things!

Just building up to the task of packing cases - not something I enjoy doing and I always leave it till the last possible moment.   Decision making is more tricky this time as we'll be travelling in a very humid country and whilst our car and hotels will have aircon we'll be out in the open a lot sightseeing and eating al fresco.   There's going to be lots of things going in the case then being taken out again I guess!

I'm procrastinating again ....

Anyway, I added whiskers etc to the little dog, neatened the chest area and generally 'tweaked' a few bits, her Mum has approved her and she'll be wending her way to Ireland later today.

The Grey Man from Lyon (for want of a better title) is finished - until I get back from Singapore when I'll see it with fresh eyes and will no doubt play with it a little more. 

I've photographed the drawing again today as the weather is brighter so the colours are a little more true to life.   I've experimented by laying different colour mounts over the drawing to see which one works best.

Ivory mount - I don't think this is right ...

Sand coloured mount - makes the subject look a little 'warmer' I think ...

This is a very old (damaged) mount so ignore the condition .... I think black (or at least dark grey) will be best - do you agree?

and whilst rummaging around my room looking for mounts, I rediscovered the drawing of Thierry I started way back last Summer.   I never finished the drawing and then totally forgot about him.   He was an amazing character with an 'interesting' face but maybe not one to appeal to exhibition judges.   I think I liked him so much because I witnessed his brilliant dancing and interaction with the saxaphonist who was entertaining  us on the beach in Fuerteventura and it was his exuberance that shone through.

I may go back to this one after our holiday ...

Time to face the suitcase packing now!

Sunday 17 February 2019

Getting Ready for 'the Off' ....

We're off to Malaysia and Singapore soon - leaving on Wednesday 20th.   

I intend to keep a Blog/diary to record our travels.    One or two of our stopovers will be at places with no WiFi so I'll just have to play catch up as and when we're back online.

If you'd like to check in and see what we're up to the link to my Blog is:



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Wednesday 13 February 2019

13/2: WIP Grey Man from Lyon

Managed to get another half day to work on this CP portrait as I'd love to get it finished before the weekend

I added more layers to his hat to darken the grey colour.    I then worked more on his skintones and although it may not be obvious there are about 8 more layers of colour laid down (very gently with a sharp pointed pencil).

The great thing about WIP photos is that they show up errors that aren't always obvious to the naked eye ... in this case I saw that his right eye (left as we look at it) was much paler than the other one.

Then I got bored with skintones and moved onto his jacket/jumper:

again the light was poor today so the white paper has photographed with a very grey tinge

Next update:

I photographed this in a different room so now I have a 'pink' cast to the photo .... oh well!

I've added a suggestion of knitted pattern to his jacket

I do need to go back to work on his skin/beard ... but reasonably happy with progress so far.