Saturday 16 February 2013


Just a 'bitsy' post today .....

David (hubby) is feeling a bit under the weather today (tension headache etc) but I think its as a result of having to hammer up and down the motorway visiting his Mum in hospital, rather than anything 'nasty'.

   Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes for her recovery by the way.    She's 94 and had just recovered from her fall in September which left her with a broken hip and shoulder when she was taken ill a few days ago and admitted to the actute stroke unit of her local hospital.    Just 3 days on and she's made a miraculous recovery (sheer bl**dy mindedness I feel) and is now back home at her flat with a care package in place.    They don't make them like her these days methinks!   She's scary!!

Anyway,  I did a little more work on the family group portrait today but didn't get a progress photo as I had to go for an eye test mid afternoon .... and that took longer than anticipated so it was dark when I got home.   I'll post another update tomorrow.

The Blue Tits have been regularly inspecting the nesting box on our shed wall so we decided to add another one.   We had a 'robin nest box' on the wall which has been ignored for 3 years so we adapted it to make it more attractive to Blue Tits (hopefully) - basically just filling in the entrance to leave a very small hole so larger birds/predators can't get in.     It will be interesting to see what the reaction is tomorrow.

Another Blue Tit in nest box photo - sorry!!

I'll probably get ejected from Blogger if I call this the 'tit's bum'    ???

I wonder if the 'des res' passed muster?

so ...... we await developments.  I hope both nestboxes will be given the seal of approval and we'll have lots of little tits in late Spring.

These boxes have been ignored for a few years.  I bought them as plain (cheap) boring wood and painted them with ivy leaves etc.   Perhaps they were a bit too garish at the time and now the paint has mostly peeled off the birds find them more attractive?

Just to finish for this evening .....   a simple exercise to help us all stay fit now that January is over and we no longer have to worry about sticking to those silly resolutions (will go to the Gym at least 3 times per week) etc

This was sent to me at Christmas but I think it still has meaning now in February


  1. Love the blue tits, I hope they decide to stay. Our nest boxes in the Carolinas were just plain old wood but the birds seemed quite happy to use them.

  2. I think your little blue tits are so cute & even like the little "bum" joke!

    Ah, my kind of exercise!

  3. i miss seeing all the little birds we used to see at the flat, but too close to the road for birds to hang around now :/

    hopefully the blue tits stay around, their colours go really well with the faded boxes ;)


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