Thursday 5 March 2020

My constant refrain seems to be 'I haven't had time to make any new artwork' and this still rings true.

I'm missing deadlines for entry to both local and International shows but I think that's going to be a problem for the foreseeable future with Grand-parenting duties and also all the travelling we're doing now (whilst we're fit enough to get travel insurance).

I ordered some drafting film online.   I haven't used it for ages and fancied having a go at a new piece in readiness for the UKCPS members show (deadline for entries is end of this month but we're away from next week).    The film took one week longer than scheduled to arrive and I now haven't got time to do anything with it.

However, the main UKCPS exhibition (Open International one) has a deadline of 19 June for entries so maybe I'll actually have something ready by then.   For the first year (in my memory) there is a theme for entries to this exhibition.   Its being staged at the Nature in Art Gallery and work must be inspired by nature so the UKCPS theme is 'Drawn to Nature'.

I have folders full of photos I've taken during the 2 safari holidays we've had recently so have spent hours trawling through these looking for inspiration.

Whilst waiting for the delivery of drafting film I had a go at one of the young lions I photographed, using up an odd scrap of Pastelmat paper.   I've kind of fallen out of love with this paper for coloured pencils as I feel it absorbs the pencils and dulls the colours a bit (but I love it for pastel work).

This is the result of a couple of days's work ... the weather has been abysmal and the photo was taken in poor light but its around 90% finished (some tweaking to be done and whiskers to be added.   I don't think it will make it past a jury but at least I've sat down and actually drawn something!

I'm not sure yet if I'll crop it down to fit a square mount/frame of leave it as a landscape orientation.