Wednesday 9 March 2016


We've had a superb time in India, touring the South and staying at some amazing places.  We then took an internal flight to Mumbai in the North where we spent four hectic days doing walking tours of the city.     I kept a travel Blog which I managed to update most days (rather hurriedly as internet was sporadic/non-existent in some locations) and if you're interested you can find details at:

But now back to reality.     I've been ploughing through the thousands of photos I took and have shortlisted a few 'characters' which I hope will make it to my drawing board over the next few months.

I received an email at the weekend telling me that 3 of my drawings have been juried into the UK Coloured Pencil Society's 15th Annual Int'l Exhibition which is being staged at Meniers Gallery, Southwark Street in London so I'm thrilled about that.    I've been a member of the UKCPS for 10 years now and have had pictures juried into the Annual Exhibition 9 times now ... one more year and I'll have earned my Gold Signature status so need to start thinking about a drawing pretty soon as time just flies by it seems.

These are the successful pictures.

Sadly, I received an email today saying that Alexander - my model for 'Senor Molina' passed away recently.    He was a real 'character' and well known in Corralejo (Fuerteventura) where he lived rough on the streets near a windmill in the centre of Town.   Rumour had it that he was either Russian or Latvian and a Doctor in a previous life but had taken to street life and many people looked out for him.. RIP Alexander/Senor Molina (the title means Mr Windmill)

Senor Molina

This next character sells the 'Big Issue' magazine from his pitch near Guys Hospital, St Thomas Street, Southwark.    I photographed him last May when I took a break from demonstrating at the UKCPS exhibition (Meniers Gallery) to walk to nearby Borough Market.     Spookily, I just looked at the area on Google (Streetview) and there he is sitting on the pavement wearing exactly the same clothes I photographed him in ... his face has been 'smudged out' but there's no mistaking him ...

Big Issue Seller

and the third one to get in (which surprised me as it was never a favourite of mine) is this one which I called 'red hat' .... she's a member of the 'hair braiders' family that we see constantly in the town and around the beaches of Corralejo in the Canaries where we have a holiday home.    Last year her big sister was the model for my exhibition entry so I guess its fitting that little sister has her 5 minutes of fame also.    She was playing 'dress up' in the street with friends when I took this photo