Tuesday 26 July 2022

Windows on Wildlife ... some photos of birds visiting the Woodland Pool in Dorset ... July 2022.


Windows on Wildlife - photography day with Woodland pool (birds) and Harvest Mice. Dorset

 Well I've not posted anything here for ages.   I intended to post details of our 2.5years delayed Safari (thanks to Covid) which took place in January 2022 but somehow haven't got round to it yet.   It seems life is very hectic as we all try to get back to a semblance of normality.

I still intend to post a retro-account of our fab safari in January 2022 but that is something for the future.

David and I went to Dorset (South West coast of England) last week, for a 1 day photographic session at a woodland reflection pool and also a 2 hour session photographing harvest mice - Britain's smallest rodent.  These delightful little mice are just 2" long (plus tail) and weigh about the same as a two pence coin (UK currency).     We had a fab 8 hour day, despite the extreme heat conditions (hottest day recorded in UK).

So hopefully I can show a few of the photos here .... I/we use bridge cameras - we're not professional photographers, but I think I took some images that are good enough for me to work from should I decide to draw harvest mice or birds!   Sue xx

Here are some pics of the mice.    I'll post some bird photos next ... Sue x