Sunday 17 February 2013


I believe I am a good cook, I know I am female and therefore can (and frequently do) multi-task successfully, but this morning didn't go to plan.

David is still not feeling 100% fit so decided to have a lie in this morning.    I was creeping round the house quietly trying not to disturb him.    We have lots of salad leaves and tomatoes in the fridge so I decided we'd have salad for lunch - not David's favourite meal (rabbit food as he describes it) so I usually have to add lots of 'proper' food to stop him complaining.   I decided to hardboil some eggs to go with the tuna and cheese to make the green stuff more palatable for him.

I put the eggs on to boil then started polishing furniture, emptying the dishwasher and checking/answering emails.    30 minutes later when I remembered the eggs, the saucepan had boiled dry and the kitchen reeked of burning eggs/metal!

Despite opening doors and windows downstairs, the nasty burnt smell drifted up to the bedrooms so I couldn't get away with it


But I've warned David, if he ever tells anybody his wife can't even boil an egg ...... he'll be eating Tesco horseburgers forever more and will have to cook them himself!!

We're having turkey fajitas tonight .... I'll have to redeem myself on the culinary front methinks!  The turkey has been marinading for an hour so they'll be tasty - just need to make the salsa and I'm all set!

More progress on the family group portrait ....

and I just found out that the local art auction (to which I donated a picture) made the grand sum of £8,000 for the charity which organised it.   Quite a successful evening for them methinks.


  1. Wow! I've burned many things but have to say that I've never seen eggs burned like that! However, I have gone to do something else when cooking and have burned a lot of stuff!

    Congrats on the successful art auction, I'll bet your donation was one of the first to be purchased.

    The family portrait is looking very good, I'm sure the client is well-pleased!

  2. Hi Jan
    Yep, I made a pretty good job of incinerating the eggs didn't I?

    We'd planned to go to the Auction but something cropped up - I've just been looking at photos of the event on line and the place was jam-packed full. Lets hope there will be plenty of visitors to the Horsebridge Gallery at the end of the month when I'll have pictures on exhibition (visitors with spare cash that is) LOL

  3. Who's got spare cash? As for the eggs, I recently did something similar, with eggs no less. Its so very easy to do, get distracted by other things.

    Love the portrait, really coming along well.

  4. By the way, you might have warned me about Downton Abbey, some friend you are LOL

  5. Cheers Jo ... glad I'm not the only one!

    and .... you'd have hated me to give away the plot I'm sure

  6. Suppose so, but it was a total shock. Friend had seen an interview with Dan Stevens so said it wasn't a bit surprise to her, but I couldn't believe it. Spent all night convincing myself he wasn't dead until I heard he was leaving the show.


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