Saturday 31 December 2016


Hope you all have a very happy, healthy and creative 2017

Wednesday 28 December 2016


I'm embarrassed to see how long it has been since I last posted here .. but life has been a little hectic.

We spent nearly 5 weeks at our home on Fuerteventura in November/early December where we were very busy furnishing a house we purchased to rent out long term.    It was great fun sourcing all the furniture (good quality secondhand pieces) but hard work removing it all from our house where we'd been storing it for weeks to the new place once we got the keys.  We're getting a bit long in the tooth to be shifting furniture - even with the help of some good friends out there.   But we got the place looking very nice within 3 days and our tenants moved in 2 days later.   

When we got back to England we had lots to catch up on and, of course, we hit the 'silly Season' in full swing (Bah Humbug) ...

I finished the final commission of the year and that was well received thankfully.   It was a surprise Christmas present but, sadly, the dog had passed away recently and the ref photos were not good so I did the best I could but I always get a feeling of disappointment and frustration if I can't see as much detail as I'd like.

This was the end result (photos aren't great because the weather was very grey/gloomy/foggy before Christmas and these were taken in artificial lighting.

Pastels on dark grey pastelmat paper

I'm not taking on many commissions these days as we've got lots going on here, and on Fuerteventura so its difficult to find time to sit peacefully and just draw ... deadlines for 2017 exhibitions are looming and I do have to work on some pieces for 2 shows I'll be exhibiting work at around Easter time.   

I hope that adrenaline will kick in soon and I'll get a few smaller pieces on the go and will make sure I post progress reports here a bit more regularly.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas break and that 2017 will be kind.