Friday 30 June 2017

Suzy dog ....

Well, its embarrassing how long ago I last posted/visited Blogger

We were away for 5 weeks and internet access is not so good so I tend to stick to checking emails and the dreaded FB.    We run a FB page for long term property rentals in Fuerteventura and need to stay in touch with owners and wannabe tenants.  

I'm afraid artwork has taken a back seat

Anyway, its ages since I've drawn anything and as a friend pointed out, my last foray onto Blogger was in April so I thought I'd better get my backside into gear - or at least tackle a drawing before I totally lose my confidence.

This little dog belongs to a friend in Fuerteventura - I photographed her (Suzy) last month and decided she'd make a nice subject for the pastels.    This was a 'quickie' as I intend to give it to Suzy's owner next week, I think I spent around 5 hours on it during the last couple of days.   I'm not entirely happy with it - foolishly I sprayed it was fixative to ensure it survives air travel and I should have known better as lighter colours/white always soak into the pastelmat when fixed so need to be refreshed afterwards.

This is Suzy, in pastels on Pastelmat paper and she was drawn 10" x 7" to fit a mount/dusky pink frame which I have at home and which will complement my friend's newly decorated lounge!