Tuesday 26 February 2013

26/02: BUSY, BUSY

I've sorted and dusted all the pictures to be hung at the Made In Whitstable Showcase, Horsebridge Gallery, Whitstable later this afternoon - the car is loaded with steps, electric drill and all other hanging essentials.    I'll be hanging 12 in my section and possibly 3 more in the main Gallery window facing the street.   Had to print out new information/price labels as I'm discounting all the pictures slightly in an effort to make sales and clear space in my studio.   I'm not sure if its a good time to be exhibiting as the Town doesn't really get busy with tourists till the Summer season .... but nothing ventured, nothing gained!    David (hubby) will help me set up as usual despite feeling a bit achey today.   The shingles rash seems to be disappearing but he still gets pain if the sensitive/nerve areas are touched or when driving around on our appalling road surfaces in Whitstable - more potholes than tarmac these days it seems.

I've been into Whitstable this afternoon to organise a Mount/mat to be cut for the family group portrait.  My local framer is one of the most laid back personalities I know ..... I'll have to phone and chase him up tomorrow or he'll get sidetracked and not have the mount ready for collection on Thursday.

Tomorrow evening is the Open Night/Private View at the Gallery with wine and nibbles so  I hope to have some photos to show later in the week.

As time is short - we need to leave pretty soon, no arty photos today but thought you might enjoy this



  1. Good luck with the exhibition! (and the framer)

  2. That is an incredible piece of video, dog has obviously done it before.

    Good luck from me too, I read farmer instead of framer and couldn't figure why you would go to a farmer - duuh. Getting senile I think.

    You think you have potholes, try visiting Canada after one of our winters.


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