Thursday 30 June 2011



I visited the Turner Contemporary Gallery which opened recently in nearby Margate (cost £17.5million).    Despite studying the Artist Statements and copious notes provided to explain the exhibits I came away non-the-wiser.   I just 'don't get' most contemporary art - I didn't even understand most of the Statements.

I came to the conclusion therefore that I'll never be able to write my own 'Artist Statement'  so am indebted to web designer, Joke de Winter, and David James Ross, for their tongue-in-cheek Artist Statement Generator.  

WARNING!  Please be aware there is a 'naughty word' in the heading which I'm unable to change so don't look at the site if you are easily offended.

Their site:


Wednesday 29 June 2011


I had intended to post some Carnival photos tonight but I'm tired ...... on Wednesdays David and I work as volunteers  at the eBay office of the Pilgrims Hospice Charity (actually David works there Wednesdays and Fridays).     There are 23 Pilgrims Hospice Charity shops in Kent, staffed by volunteers, selling items donated by the public to help fund the £9million required annually to run 3 Hospices.    Items in the charity shops tend to be sold at low prices so shop volunteers are encouraged to identify 'better quality' goods which can be marketed to a worldwide audience via eBay.   That's where we come in .... at the eBay office we photograph,  describe and list the items and usually realise much better prices for the charity than can be achieved in the shops.    Its interesting and great fun - and of course its for a brilliant cause.   It is quite intensive and tiring though as its essential to ensure we don't list 'fake' items or faulty goods etc.

Anyway, here's a photo of a portrait I completed recently of a beautiful German Shepherd belonging to Maria from Casa Manolo's restaurant in Corralejo, Fuerteventura.  The dog's  name is Angel (pronounced ahn-hel in Spanish) and is Maria's 'baby'

He was completed in pastels on Fisher 400 sanded paper.

Tuesday 28 June 2011


I've been away for far too long and have probably missed lots of wonderful posts but its great to be back.    On doctor's orders I had to severely cut back on computer/keyboard time and drawing at my desk.   Working at an easel was fine for pastel work but for coloured pencil work which takes much longer I prefer to sit/work at my desk (which aggravated the trapped nerve/shoulder problems)

But I feel soooo much better now and have lots of work to catch up on.

Very belatedly, here's a photo of Fluffy sitting next to her portrait - this was kindly sent to me by Fluffy's mum some time ago ..... but better late than never!

Lots of things have happened since my last post - including the annual carnival at our (second)hometown of Corralejo on Fuerteventura which is always an exciting week.  I took lots of photos and will post some tomorrow.   During our trip to Fuerteventura we also visited the Zoo/Botanical Gardens ... we've had a holiday home on the island for 7 years but have never before visited this attraction.  I have mixed feelings about keeping animals in zoos, but must say that I was really impressed with the beautiful surroundings and well thought out enclosures the animals lived in.  I took nearly 600 photos there and have lots of reference pictures on my 'to do' list.