Friday 15 December 2017



  1. An incredible selection of your paintings, Sue!! The way you paint eyes in these animals are SO amazing. I just want to reach out and pet them. Enjoy this wonderful day...

  2. Wow that was quick Hilda. I've only just posted this. Photobucket (with whom I used to store photos/slideshows) pulled the plug last month so I'm having to redo my website galleries and Blogger pages ... still a long way to go and this was a bit of an experiment. Glad you like it! suex

  3. Enjoyed your video Sue, I recognised a number of those pix. I specially loved the blue eyes of the cat. Beautiful.

    Wondered where you had got to lately.

  4. Hi Jo. We had an 'unplanned' trip back to Fuerteventura for 2 weeks but returned to 'internet turmoil' thanks to Photobucket. They changed their policy last month (with no prior notice)they still host/store photos free of charge but don't allow the images to be used in 3rd party sites (Blogger, websites, Amazon, eBay, Facebook etc) so all my historic photos and slideshows are still on their site but I can't do anything with them unless I pay $99 a year! I've been busy trying to find another host that will allow more flexibitily at lower cost and, in the meantime, my blog pages and website pages are not working. Nightmare! Suex

  5. I had the same problem with Photobucket. I used one photo from my stored ones so they asked me to upgrade. I don't need to use the photos like you do so I am not doing so. I too was thinking of taking all my pix off their site though.

  6. Looks as if you've at least gotten the slide show back! Know what a hassle it was for you to get this - btw, did you know the post date shows as Friday, December 2017?

    Now, are you drawing or do I need to get the whip? LOL

  7. Hiya Jan. Yep, showing the published date as December ensures this stays at the top of the postings for a while (the easiest way of getting a 'sticky' post)

    We spent a week working on galleries with a company that promised great things .... that didn't happen. so now we've spent time just ensure we can get galleries/photos showing on temporary basis .... its not wonderful but it works (after a fashion) for a little whilse... suex

  8. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family Sue!!! I look forward to 2018 and more of your amazing paintings!!!!! Hugs!!!!

  9. Hi Sue, good to see you are still around, such a long time since hearing from you. I don't use a third party to store my images, I find it much easier to store then on my computer and backup on a memory stick or similar. I realise that this would prevent any updating via phone or tablet. I have heard from a number of others that they have had the same problem as you. I know of a number of forums which use a third party to host photos which allow you to post, perhaps fickr would be an option? Like the slide show by the way:-) and Merry Christmas to you both.

  10. Thanks for your Good wishes Hilda - I hope you are back to good health now and wish you all the best for 2018.

    Hi Bev. Something seems to have to have triggered responses to this Blog post from August. Never mind its prompted me to think about getting back to blogging. We've only had 2 weeks in the UK in the last 3 months so art/blogging have really been on the back burner.

    I haven't done any work recently so have nothing to enter into the UKCPS Int'l Exhibition next year .... not sure I'll have time now with Xmas fast approaching.

    Happy Christmas to you


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