Monday 23 August 2010


I've been given the go ahead to show WIP pictures of this portrait which is intended as a 50th birthday present.

I'm working from 3 reference photos and the idea is to show the 'birthday boy' in the guise of David Jason's much loved character 'Del Boy' - complete with flat cap, sheepskin coat and canteen of cutlery (oh and not forgetting the medallion/chain with Letter)

I'm working in coloured pencil on light grey Clairefontaine Pastelmat and this is where I finished at the weekend. This is being fitted in between other ongoing commissions so progress may be a little sporadic

For info, these are the 3 reference pics I'm working from:

I'm really having fun with this one, its nice to work on something a little out of the ordinary now and again!


  1. Brilliant and very brave to undertake a commission like this, I can see you are having fun.

  2. This is going to be a superb portrait Sue. Don't you just love creating a portrait using a number of different photos. It is challenging but the results are always so rewarding.

  3. Pukka, Sue, Pukka!! Brave indeed. Interesting to see how you've constructed this from the photos :)

  4. Pukka, Sue, Pukka!! Brave indeed. Interesting to see how you've constructed this from the photos :)

  5. Love the idea Sue, sure you will pull it off brilliantly!

  6. Thanks for posting the refs as I didn't know who David Jason or Del Boy were. This is coming along beautifully but I always know your portraits will be exquisite.

  7. Thanks very much.

    Hi Jan, I don't think the programme would travel well outside the UK. Del Boy (Derek Trotter of Trotter's Independent Traders) is a cockney 'market trader' always doing what we'd call 'dodgy deals' in his bid to become a millionnaire. He has lots of wonderful catch phrases (and mis-quoted French expressions).

    As Janet has come up with .. Pukka! luvly Jubbly, you 'plonker' are another couple of his.

  8. And you are doing one fabulous job on this, Sue! Wow... it looks great already!


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