Tuesday 10 August 2010


I still can't show any artwork for fear of spoiling surprises but I haven't been idle.  I'm currently working on human portraits which can't be shown for a couple of months, but I have just received a reference photo of a beautiful grey horse and I hope to be in a position to make a start on him before we go on holiday at the end of August.  This is a Gift Voucher redemption so isn't a surprise.

We have been out and about visiting art exhibitions in London and locally.   I submitted works to the Society of Feline Artists last week and am awaiting the verdict of the jury as to whether I can be voted a Full Member this year or whether I should reapply next year.   I'm grateful to the committee for considering me as I missed the deadline for applying ... our lives aren't as well organised as they should be following stepson's accident earlier this year and hospital visiting every few days.   (usually 6 - 8 hours round trip).  So fingers crossed!

I visited the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery at Waterloo where my picture of the Ragdoll Cat has been accepted  for inclusion in the fifteenth London Exhibition for The Society of Feline Artists.   For future years I will submit my entries by internet earlier in the year so (if accepted) they can be included on the Gallery website.  I was last in the queue to present work and watched as a very large Pollyana Pickering picture was rejected for lack of space (although she has others in the exhibition) and I felt very sorry for Elizabeth (whom I met at the SOFA venue)who had all four of hers rejected.   The exhibition opens on August 27th and I hope to visit the Gallery on Saturday 28th when in London to visit Richard.   We go on holiday on 29th so unfortunately won't be able to attend the Champagne Private View on 31st (opened by David Grant MBE Patron of the SOFA).

Yesterday we drove to Lydd to see the lovely work of fellow UK Coloured Pencil Society artist (Elizabeth Barton) who is staging a solo art exhibition this week at All Saints Church.  Its always nice to meet the artists we usually only get to 'converse' with via the internet.

Anyway, for a little light relief I thought I'd post a few pics taken in the last week or so ...

These huts line the grassy slopes leading down to the beach at Tankerton - they are very fashionable with the 'weekenders' from London although they have no running water and owners aren't permitted to sleep in them overnight - still they fetch between £20,000 and £30,000 each.
A lot of money for what is essentially a shed large enough to house a table, maybe a couple of sofas and a bbq (!)

The beach at Tankerton is relatively quiet

 but as you walk towards neighbouring Whitstable the beaches become increasingly crowded as this is where the yacht club is based and the 'lads' play with their jetskis and other executive toys.

 Whitstable is still a working harbour but at weekends and school Summer Holiday time it is jampacked with visitors sampling the fresh seafood and shellfish (in particular oysters which the area is renowned for).

I had no idea that elderberrys are so attractive to Starlings .... I photographed these just yards away from the busy beach/harbour at Whitstable and they were totally unfazed by the crowds of people walking past.  There were   dozens of birds enjoying a real feeding frenzy


  1. Well in getting accepted for the feline exhibition. I love the beach huts picture. Last week I was on Mersey Island and I thought the lovely pastel colours gorgeous. Beach huts seem to hold a fascination for me and I have never been in one.

  2. Hi Sue, hope you get the thumbs up from the jurers and get those vital letters after your monika ;-)
    As for beach Huts .....I've never really understood the fascination and why anyone wants to spend so much money on a shed???? maybe its just me but I love hauling myself with all my gear to the beach on foot :)

  3. They make a colourful addition to the slopes here but I'm with you Kay ... what's the point?

  4. Congratulations on the ragdoll painting being accepted into the exhibition and I do hope you are accepted as a full member in SOFA! Keep us posted!

    I don't understand the beach huts either but they really are colorful. They look as if one would swelter inside - or at least they would here with our 90+ degree temps at the beach. Or are they just for storage? Or a cabana for changing into a swimsuit? To each his own, I guess.

  5. Thanks Jan ..
    I'm not holding my breath re. SOFA - there are some pretty illustrious names there .. but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    I think the beach huts are bit of a status symbol thing. They are used for storage and changing clothes but the owners tend to bring friends/family to 'their bit of the slopes/beach' and set up their music, bbq and picnic stuff. We are lucky in that we only live a few minutes walk from the beach (not that we ever spend the day there - we just like walking along the beach path and 'people watching')

  6. Love the photos Sue, especially the starlings, I rarely see any here, they used to be our most common bird, but I think that claim now goes to the gulls.
    I am going to the SOFA exhibition at the beginning of September, so look forward to seeing work by artists I 'know' and Good Luck with the full member application


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