Tuesday 24 August 2010


I collected the framed tiger picture yesterday afternoon - with its black background it has been very hard to get a photo without lots of reflections from the glass - our house is very light with windows everywhere - so lots of light bouncing off this which has dulled the colours a bit.

All galleries seem to have different rules about framing pictures.   The Stamford Arts Centre require pictures to have mirror plates attached for hanging purposes (you can see them on this frame).  We were about to package all three pictures this morning so I could check the dimensions/weight and arrange courier collection when disaster struck.

David attached mirror plates to the framed Meerkat picture, and the wood grain of the frame split .... you should have heard the language (!**!*!*!!!)   the only other mount/frame I had at home which would fit this picture has non-reflective glass.  Although Stamford Arts Centre haven't specifically said they don't accept non-reflective glazed pictures, most other galleries have this rule so I didn't want to risk rejection at the final hour.

Sooooooo, a quick trip to Tony, my lovely framer who doesn't keep a huge amount of framing material/mountboard in stock but has promised to get  me out of trouble if I leave choices up to him.  I'll pick the finished article up tomorrow morning.     So I've no idea what he will select but I'm sure he'll do a great job!    

That kind of upset my plans for today ... but back at the drawing board this afternoon.    I've had good feedback from my client regarding progress on the wedding present portraits I'm working on.  But we've agreed that I won't show WIP pictures here till after the presentation.

I will do some more on the Del Boy commission and hopefully also outline a horse which I will be working on properly after my holiday.  

Happy days :-)


  1. Wow! Sue the framed Tiger looks fabulous!, and I am sure the Meerkat (why are meerkats spelt with a k and not a c?) frame will turn out beautifully.

  2. Cheers G :o)

    David wasn't a happy bunny this morning. I'd mounted/framed the picture at home to save a bit of cash and now we have to pay to have it re-done (not reflected in the selling price which had to be pre-declared)!

  3. The tiger looks wonderful. I always find the framing thing so difficult. I prefer a professional frame but it does make the end product more expensive.

  4. You poor thing Sue - I find framing and preparing artworks for exhibitions the most stressful part of being an artist. The tiger looks beautiful!!!!

  5. Hi Chrissy and Karen.

    I think I've learned a lesson here. In future I'll have all exhibition works professionally mounted/framed and increase the selling price accordingly. I've been trying to keep the prices as low as possible to make them more attractive/saleable but I guess it isn't always worth the hassle.


  6. So sorry about your mishap, Sue! I can imagine the air around you being a bit blue afterward. But the tiger looks great and I'm sure the meerkat will be beautiful also.


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