Thursday 26 August 2010

26/08: BUSY BUSY .....

I've done quite a bit more to the Del Boy picture today and hope to get back to it later this afternoon/evening .. will post updates then.    I've outlined the grey horse and done a bit more tweaking on one of the wedding present portraits.  I still have another double portrait to start on but am waiting to see whether my client can find some more references to help with detail.

Its been incredibly windy here today and anything not anchored down in the garden has been crashing over ..... can you guess which way the wind is blowing?   The little sunflowers next to the patio weren't planted there, they are courtesy of seeds dropped by birds and squirrels from the nearby feeder!   My approach to gardening is .... if its happy to grow there - it can stay!!  apart from the weeds of course.

I went out to rescue all the toppled plants/ornaments and realised I need to do something with all our ripe tomatoes before we go away at the weekend.    We have 12 vigorous plants in the greenhouse but several unplanned tomato plant forests in the garden borders (I emptied a couple of our compost bins into the soil this Spring and the seeds came from the compost).   Again, as they were happy to flourish where they landed, I left them alone and they are doing very well.

I've just harvested several kilos of tomatoes and I'm making a huge batch of soup which I can freeze ... its bubbling away merrily on the hob.   Can't beat home-made soup using fresh from the garden ingredients can you?

Off to get a haircut this afternoon but will post again later.

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  1. I would be frantic having to put up something from the garden when I'm trying to get ready to go on a trip and have a thousand other things to do as well!

    I was overwhelmed trying to can some jalapenos when I had a hair appointment on the same day! Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it - I figured just my time at minimum wage made the peppers cost about $8.00 a jar! According to an online calculator, that would be about 5.16 GBP.


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