Friday 27 August 2010


Del Boy (Birthday portrait) has been approved with no changes required so I'm about to pack it ready for despatch later today .... Hope the 'victim' is amused!

Whilst on hols next week our home/greenhouse will be looked after but I'd hoped to do some weeding today and mow the lawns to tidy it up before we go  ... but it started raining last night and everything is soggy - what happened to Summer?

We always have our patio doors open in the evening and were amazed to see this visitor in the lounge last night ... obviously he'd had enough of the rain as well.   He was a big un .... Must confess I put him over the fence but I believe snails have a homing device so 'he'll be back'

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  1. They do tend to return, don't they? Gardening advice here says to set out a pan of beer so that they fall in and drown. But, you had him in hand so guess you could dispose of him without wasting good beer! lol


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