Tuesday 29 September 2009


We arrived back home very late on Saturday evening having had a lovely 3 week break. Sunday was spent ploughing through a mountain of mail and hundreds of emails and sorting myself out ready to start work on my commissions with recharged batteries!

I've closed my order book for 2009 as I have commissions for 8 children (in 3 portraits), 4 dogs, 2 horses and 1 pony to complete. I've recently sold 2 gift vouchers which may be redeemed any time during the next 12 months so I have to allow time in my schedule to cover these as well. Whilst on holiday I studied Alyona Nickelsen's book 'Coloured Pencil Painting Bible' and got really motivated to try some of the techniques she demonstrates .... but that will have to wait, along with all the cat pictures I have lined up to work on since joining the Society of Feline Artists recently. Too many ideas, too little time these days (or am I just badly organised)??

I've started work on a portrait of a black poodle, Bobby, who passed away recently. He has been commissioned by a client from Belfast for his in-laws (Bobby's owners). Unfortunately the reference photos are very poor so I will be liaising closely with the clients to ensure I get the best possible likeness under the circumstances. I forgot to photograph the first stage but will post some progress pictures tomorrow.

I've also spent quite a lot of time working on 'mock-ups' for one of the 3 child portraits. I have an ancient version of Photoshop elements but haven't really learned how to use it yet so tend to stick with Paint Net which I find quite user friendly. I've sent a selection of compositions to the client and I hope tomorrow I'll get her approval for the latest version. This portrait is required for a birthday present in November. The other two child portraits (1 x 2 children and 1 x 3 children) are Christmas presents so I have a little more time to work on those.


  1. Welcome back Sue! I must say it doesn't seem three weeks since you went! back to the grindstone eh, you certainly look to be busy in the lead up to Christmas I hope they are all "good" ones for you xx

  2. I agree, it seems as if you've just left on holiday so it was something of a surprise to check here and find you home.

    A big Welcome Back!


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