Wednesday 9 September 2009


A Visitor to the house recently admired my little menagerie of painted stones which I did for fun years ago and which now are scattered round the garden and porch. I'm so used to walking past them every day I don't notice them any more. Anyway, she has contacted me to ask whether I can paint three for her - two based on photos of her deceased cats and one of her daughter's hamster (or it may be a guinea pig - i've forgotten what she said). She wants to place the stones near the graves of her pets in the garden as a memorial. So that will make a nice break from commissioned portraits. Just have to find appropriately shaped stones to work on now. These are a few photos of stones I painted for fun - years ago. The photos don't really do them justice as the stones are varnished and the light reflects off of them.


  1. that rock for the bunny is the perfect shape :)

  2. Your stones are lovely. I have a couple of books on doing these, but have never taken the time to try it.

  3. thanks guys :o)
    Sorry for slow responses but I can only get online very briefly whilst on holiday.
    I'm looking forward to painting more stones .... its been a long time since the last ones and unfortunately I didn't photograph many of them. It will never catch on as a commercial enterprise as the weight of the stones makes postal rates too expensive ... but great fun


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