Friday 4 September 2009


Had Mum staying with us for a few days this week so I've had to fit work in between entertaining her and showing her the local sights. We took her home yesterday and have spent today manically working through our list of pre-holiday jobs. Think we are just about on top of things now though.

The good news is that Jake and Jack's portraits have been approved and despatched to the clients today. and I had a text from 'engagement' man to say the proposal went well and his girlfried loved the picture. Another happy ending!

I've had 3 new orders placed last week so will close my order book for Christmas. When we get back from holiday I will go to Birmingham for the end of the exhibition to view all the coloured pencil works (including my own three) and then i'll be chained to the drawing board :o)

My pre-christmas tally stands at:
3 dogs
2 horses
8 children (not as bad as it sounds. two groups of 3 children and a double)
I've left a bit of leeway as I've sold 2 portrait gift vouchers (birthday presents) and its possible the recipients will be in touch re. portraits prior to Christmas.

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