Friday 27 May 2016


We're back from a lovely 4 day visit to Lyon, France.   Lyon is France's 2nd most important City and a World Heritage Site with lovely architecture, cobbled streets with fab restaurants/bars and was a large silk production region.   

The weather was a bit 'iffy' and we got a little wet at times but we packed a lot into our 4 days and travelled by bus, trolley-bus, tram, 'wally-trolley' (the new tourist tram that is being trialled so we got a free ride), a riverboat cruise and the funicular railway.    We visited the Basilica, a park with free zoo and a brilliant exhibition at the newly built Musée des Confluences - lots of separate exhibitions devoted to the evolution of the World and mankind.   I'm not usually a fan of museums but was really blown away by this exhibition.

I took hundreds of photos which need working through but I've got a few more ref. photos to add to my ever increasing folders of  'to draw' subjects.     3 are 'street people' to whom we gave donations in exchange for their permission to photograph them and the others are birds/animals encountered on our travels.      

Today I've been catching up on emails etc., and sorting out entries for the Canterbury Society of Art's Summer show which will be held at the Whitstable Horsebridge Centre from 22 June to 5 July.     I will be away for handing-in day but one of the Exec has very kindly offered to store my entries and take them to the Gallery for me.    One of the Society's criteria is that work must not have been shown in the Gallery for the previous 5 years.   As I have already allocated 5 drawings to the UKCPS Regional Exhibition in Romsey, Hampshire from 6 to 31 July, I've been scratching around to find pictures to enter ... 

I've cut a mount for 'Sax on the Beach' and framed him so might as well enter him.  I'm liking him a little more now he's been 'cut down to size' and put behind glass so I can't fret about him any more!  He's completed in pure coloured pencil on Derwent Watercolour Paper

I'm also giving Senor Molina another airing ... you all know what he looks like by now but here he is again in his frame .. apologies for the glare off the glass.    The frame is a simple black wooden one and the mount is a very dark grey

and I'm going to put a couple of 'oldies' in ... both pastel pictures which have been hanging around for too long .. time to see if I can find them new homes and make space for newer works.    

This is a snow leopard I photographed at a small private Zoo in Sandwich, Kent and the portrait was done about 5 years ago.     Pastel on Pastelmat


and finally a lovely 'Russian Blue' cat which is also Pastel on Pastelmat

Just got to print the labels for them and I can forget about them for a few weeks.


  1. So, sooooo glad you've framed the dreamy eyed sax player and will be exhibiting it! As you know, we're at the beach with my sister, her husband and in and out relatives. Every time we go out to dinner and look at the drinks menu, the ever popular "sex on the beach" cocktail starts a conversation about your painting! Everyone I've shown it to loves it. I will be greatly surprised if it doesn't sell during this exhibition!

    The other paintings should also do very well too!

    Can't wait to see your Lyons photos - glad you had a good trip and are home safe and sound!

  2. sounds like a lovely trip, besides the wet weather

    and good luck with the show

  3. Never did get to Rouen. Sounds like a great trip. Did you see when Jeanne met her fate? From pictures I have seen, it is quite a beautiful city.

    I think Sax on the Beach is delightful and hope you get lots of "Likes" for him Lol. I also very much like the snow leopard.

  4. Oh my goodness, Sue. These are ALL winners! I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip...I've never been to France...hmmmmm, I don't even have a passport. My husband works for the Airlines and yet I don't take advantage. As for Museums, I enjoy them very much...I just visited the unfinished works in NYC by some of the amazing Masters... they never finished them for various reasons so it was pretty interesting. I look forward to seeing your next piece!!


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