Sunday 8 May 2016


Well we're back in the UK (briefly) having had a brilliant time in Corralejo, Canaries.   

We had a horrible trip home with a delayed flight as the airline had to switch planes due to ours having been damaged by luggage handlers who made a large hole in the bodywork somehow, then a passenger was taken ill on board, the 'alternative' plane had no sandwiches or food on board - just crisps and chocolate and NO white or rose wine!    When we finally landed we had to wait 15 mins for steps to arrive so we could disembark .... not impressed Easyjet!

So we finally got home at 4.30am this morning and apart from a bit of food shopping and an hour pulling the most obvious weeds from the garden, we've just chilled and enjoyed the lovely sunshine here in Kent.

The UK Coloured Pencil Society 15th Annual Exhibition opened with its Private View at Menier Gallery, London, last Tuesday and I was thrilled to learn on Wednesday that 2 of my 3 pictures had won awards.      Senor Molina won the Derwent Award for Best Portrait

So I'm very pleased about that ... sadly Alexander (the subject of my portrait) passed away in January but that twinkle in his eye will carry on.    This has proved to be a popular portrait and won a few awards so I hope he's watching and raising a glass 

and The Big Issue Seller got a Highly Commended Award which is quite topical as I photographed him near the Gallery when I was demonstrating at last year's exhibition.     He was sitting on the pavement at his 'pitch' near Guy's Hospital, wrapped up against the chill and I loved the colourful layers of jumpers and gilet.

 I will be demonstrating at the Gallery on Thursday and stewarding on Friday, so am looking forward to seeing all the pictures 'in the flesh' as they always look so much better than online I think.  

The exhibition runs till next Saturday 14th so if you're in the area, do pop in and say hello.    If not, here's a link to the UKCPS website page showing all the entries

2016 UKCPS Open Int'l Exhibition entries

If you click on the 'i' symbol top right of each picture it gives details of the artist and the work.


  1. The DH and I are so proud of you, Sue! A huge CONGRATULATIONS on both your awards - they are so well deserved.

    Glad you're home but hate that you had such a miserable trip! Hope the airline at least apologized and gave you a voucher for a future trip!

  2. Congratulations !!!! How wonderful and from the looks of it very well deserved :) I love the expressive colors, textures and moods in both of them-- masterpieces indeed!

  3. congrats on the awards! :D

    a hole in the plane?!? o.0

  4. Thanks ladies.
    No ... the pilot was very apologetic but obviously not his fault and the delay wasn't enough to merit compensation. He did say it was a 'large' hole but I've no idea how it was caused - must have been a heavy bit of machinery went wrong. It was just one of those trips where lots of little bitty things went wrong and no fun when you're tired in the early hours. But we got home safely and its soon forgotten!

  5. Pity about the trip. I can't stand the hassle at airports these days either. I am delighted to hear you won awards for those two pictures, they are brilliant. Sorry Alexander passed away. Really is a great picture.

  6. Senior Molina was always a favorite and the award was so well deserved! Congratulations Sue!! I really look forward to seeing your next have a wonderful eye for your subjects!!!!!

  7. Thank you Jo and Hilda. My problem is that I now have so many ref. pictures I can't decide which one to start next. However, I'm going to be at the exhibition for 3 days from Thursday and need to take a piece to 'demonstrate' with ... I might actually take one I started last year and perhaps get that finished.


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