Thursday 19 May 2016


Today I worked more on the drawing of the Saxophonist and did a lot of erasing, trying to brighten up some of the buttons and knobs on the saxophone but I'm still not sure about it.   I'm much happier doing 'head and shoulder' portraits and concentrating on facial features - the musical instrument has got me beat I think!

David looked at the drawing this evening and was a bit 'ho hum' - which ordinarily I wouldn't worry about as traditionally any picture he doesn't like does well in exhibitions/competitions.   But I agree with him on this one ... so I'm going to stop working on it now.    I will put 'Sax on the Beach' into the (long thin) frame which was the main reason for drawing this image .... but may well find another subject to replace the saxophonist/fit the frame at a later stage.

Its possible I'll have a change of heart at some stage if I leave the drawing alone for a few weeks/months so .... watch this space.

Now I just have to work out what I'm going to work on next.    I have so many reference photos from our recent trip to India, and of course the fabulous Andalusian horses/riders photographed last month on Fuerteventura.   Whatever I work on, I think it will have to be in coloured pencil as I've been lucky enough to win hundreds of pencils over the last few months so I really need to use them - the pastels will have to wait their turn!

We're out and about tomorrow .... when the UKCPS exhibition finished I collected some pictures belonging to an artist who lives in a neighbouring seaside resort and will deliver them to him tomorrow.   Its many years since I visited Broadstairs so I'm looking forward to spending some time there and just hope the weather will be kind to us.  I remember 'skiving' off school and catching the train to Broadstairs and/or Margate as a teenager - hoping the place won't have changed too much in the decades since my misspent youth!


  1. I like that picture personally. I hope you will not leave it too long before you resurrect it.

    Margate!! Used to go there by paddle boat (well it was supposed to be) from the Medway Towns I seem to remember, also to Southend. Don't think I have ever been to Broadstairs.

  2. It's 4:12am and since I can't sleep I'm on the Love this piece Sue...the sax looks amazing as the player! It doesn't look like you have much to do on you said put it away for a week then go back....I truly love this...another winner!

  3. Hi Jo
    Margate is a strange place now. It really suffered badly when Overseas holidays became popular. The beautiful guesthouses/hotels were filled up with 'DHSS' and immigrants which dragged it down and made it almost a 'no go' area. Then over the last few years there has been a lot of money invested into the 'Old Town' and a cafe culture society has sprung up making it quite fashionable. The Turner Contemporary Gallery was built and that attracted tourists/money also. Dreamland finally reopened last year as a Heritage Funfair (but its not a patch on the fairground I remember). I used to love Margate for its vibrancy - Broadstairs I remember as being a much more sleepy resort so I'm looking forward to revisiting the area today.

  4. Hi Hilda
    Its horrible when you can't sleep isn't it? But thanks for stopping by
    I've struggled with this drawing from Day 1 ... its all in the mind though and thanks to you and Jo for your nice comments - I won't bin it, but I need to move onto something I'll enjoy more and leave this one alone before I wreck it.
    All the best

  5. Hi Sue, I cant see anything wrong with the sax, but I guess if you don't like something then every time you look at it all you can see are the faults, we are our own worst critics I like this guy with all his shaggy hair and faraway look in his eyes. I wonder where he was in his head? I am taking a break from drawing for a while I'm all drawn out. Time to garden I think :-)

  6. Thanks Bev. You're right, I've had a bit of a 'downer' on this drawing from the start which is a shame as I selected him specifically to fit a long, narrow frame I have at home.

    I've tweaked my back so for the couple of weeks have been careful not to do anything to make it worse. Our Garden desperately needs attention but I'm not up to bending/digging yet. The weeds are growing at a great rate though.

    Not surprised you're all drawn out ... looks like you had a mammoth session getting ready for your exhibition. Hope all went well?

  7. Sue, I don't know why you don't like this but it seems to have everything to make it a popular painting. Like Bev said, the subject has a dreamy look and his hair is blowing in the wind. There's a beach and water - what more could you want? I played a sax when I was in school and if you haven't drawn every fiddly bit on this one, it doesn't matter. The people who know saxophones will fill in any missing details and the people who don't know saxes won't know the difference!

    I think you should exhibit it - I think you'll be surprised at how well it does!

  8. Thanks Jan ... must admit it was the 'dreamy' expression that drew me to him in the first place - almost a 'Jesus' type expression. But I would have been happier doing head/shoulders, had it not been for the need to fill an odd sized frame LOL. I've had some lovely comments online here so perhaps I'm being too hard on him. I will put him away for a while and see if I think better of him later in the year. I haven't got any exhibitions in the pipeline now (at least I don't think so)!

    David plays the Saxophone so I do have one in the spare bedroom that I could study but I really don't want too LOL. When he retired he had lessons but didn't take them beyond the first year ... plays a mean rendition of 'Summertime' but that's about it!

  9. its not worth continuing with something you just are not feeling. too many other things to work on :) he looks ok enough not to bin him tho :)


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