Tuesday 15 December 2015

15/12: CATS AND DOGS ....

I made some more progress on the cat portrait this morning so feeling a little happier about it.   It isn't actually wanted till end January (for a birthday present) but we're entertaining Mum at Christmas and then going to our home on Fuerteventura for New Year so I wanted to get a head start on this.

One more session on it should see it at the point where I can ask my client for input about the colour of the fur etc as the ref photo is a bit bleached out.   Looking at the profile photo he supplied, and looking at other stock breed photos online I'm guessing the colouring is silver/cream and maybe even a little bit of red in places.

I think I mentioned previously that this is pastel pencil on brown Clairefontaint Pastelmat and the paper gets a pink tinge in certain light conditions ... I think the 2nd photo is more true to colour (taken in better light)

I hope to make a start on the next cat at the weekend (final Christmas one).   This one can be hand delivered as the owner is local to me.

 David and I are going to a local wildlife park/safari park for a presentation by David Marneweck of the KwaZulu-Natal Wild Dog Project.   I love African wild dogs and they are endangered with less than 450 free-ranging Wild Dogs left in South Africa.    It will be interesting to learn more about the gorgeous animals and what is being done to help protect them and increase the numbers.

Aren't they beautiful?    I was rather hoping we'd get the chance to photograph the ones they have at the park but don't think that's going to happen unless we pay mega-bucks for the privilege!

I do have a few photos in my files but usually when we visit the park the dogs are sleeping and not as alert as these (photo courtesy of the KwaZulu-Natal Wild Dog Project website.


  1. the cat is looking great :)

    love wild dogs, shame they are getting wiped out and so susceptible to dog diseases

  2. Yet another decimated breed. This is so tragic.

    Puss cat coming along, looks great at the moment.

  3. I love the calico colouring of these dogs .... looking forward to learning more about them.

  4. The kitty cat is coming along beautifully. I think you've got a good grip on the coloring.

    I think the wild dogs are fascinating also. The patterns are so unusual. Have fun!

  5. Outstanding portrait of this beautiful cat Sue!! What size is this!? Love the coloring....


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