Thursday 10 December 2015


I've been working on the black cat portrait today and have reached the stage where I can email my clients to check they are happy so far.   If there are no changes required I should be able to finish this at the weekend - lots of whiskers and a few more highlights will make a big difference


Tomorrow we're off to Christmas Lunch with other Air Ambulance volunteers.  The venue is an 18th Century Inn which looks gorgeous on the internet - original beamed ceilings and log fires - should be fun!

Saturday afternoon we'll be popping along to the Horsebridge Gallery in Whitstable where our Made in Whitstable Group exhibition is in full swing.   A Christmas Hamper is up for grabs for the lucky winner of our raffle - a basket of goodies worth £60.   On Sunday morning I'll be taking my turn at stewarding the gallery so I'm not going to have a lot of free time for art but I should finish this cat and maybe even outline the next cat ready to work on next week.   


  1. Your activities sound like fun! How is the exhibition going - do you know yet? At least you'll get a feel for it when you do the stewarding.

    I'm sure the cat looks like the photo but the lighter fur makes it feel more unfinished than I'm sure it is. Hope the client approves it though so you don't have to do much more work on it!

    Have fun with all your activities!

  2. Good luck with the raffle. I never win anything. Sounds like fun all round though. For a pair of Scrooges you do a lot of Christmassy stuff.

    Love the cat.

  3. Hi Jan
    Yes I was concerned when I saw the ref (especially as its an unusual side/profile pic which shows a lot of the sparsely covered skin area around the ear) the cat is in a garden in full sunshine which has created the extremes of light/shade. I've followed the ref. photo but am waiting to see what the reaction is. Sometimes people don't realise that what makes a good photo doesn't translate to a portrait so well. Its easier to darken the body fur than to lighten it so just awaiting instructions.

  4. We're off for a Xmas Lunch today with the Air Ambulance (Kent Region) for whom we do ad-hoc voluntary work. First one this year - that's the drawback (advantage)? of not working in an office environment any more - no parties/lunches ...

    I don't know how the exhibition is going - the weather hasn't been very kind but it is close to Christmas so hope the town will be busy and footfall good. I'll know more tomorrow when I meet up with the rest of the group at the Gallery.

  5. I figured it was the photo or that the cat was just colored that way. People and their photos! That's the main reason I quit painting pet portraits!

    I do hope the Gallery is successful for you and that you sell everything! Keep us posted!


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