Monday 14 December 2015


The light was very poor this morning and I struggled to see pastel shades on this brown Pastelmat paper, even with the daylight lamp in use.  

I don't know for sure, but am guessing this is a Chinchilla Persian cat so I spent some time searching the web for photos of Persian cats to try to see more detail re. hair direction etc. as I can't get much info from the ref. photo even though I've increased the picture size using a useful 'free' programme recommended by fellow Artist/Blogger Jan (thanks Jan)  

These are the original ref photos I received and although the detail is clear in the 2nd photo I didn't think it would make a good portrait

So I turned the work down and a couple of weeks later the client found a small (but better) ref. photo.  Although its taken in bright/harsh light, its a much nicer pose.  

This afternoon I had yet another dental visit which entails an hour long drive each way so no work achieved after lunch.

Now we're getting ready to join the local Art Society's Quiz Evening ... I've never been to one before but hope it will be a good way to get to know more of the members - I don't often attend the weekly meetings as they are geared towards painting rather than pencil/pastel work but I do exhibit with them regularly.  


  1. sort of looks like a really light torti colour in some of the shots

  2. It's a beautiful cat and I'm glad they found this last photo. Even though my favorite cat was a Persian mix, I don't know their colors. It's going to be a beautiful portrait in any light.

    You should be good at the Quiz and I know you like participating in them so tonight should be fun. It'll be a bonus to get to know your fellow artists.

  3. Beautiful cat and this done on a grey background is just perfect. Loooooove it.

  4. Beautiful but bad tempered looking. Good luck with him. Probably a very nice cat really. The owners say Grumpy Cat is perfectly good tempered and sweet.

    Long time since I owned a cat. Wouldn't mind another but Matt not keen on cats, they, of course, love him.

  5. Looks like a fine start. Good that you got that third photo! :)

  6. Grumpy Cat has a condition called feline dwarfism - but she seems happy enough (despite her grumpy appearance)and she is certainly paying for her keep!

    This cat is certainly of the Persian variety and I think they tend towards a 'grumpy' look, especially the peke faced ones. But they are apparently very friendly cuddly cats and make great pets. I don't have any experience of them as my cats have always been 'moggies' and usually rescue cats (the best sort I think) xx


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