Sunday 15 November 2015


I don't really like FB competitions where prizewinners are those with most friends who can generate lots of LIKES.

However, Jackson's announced a FB coloured pencil competition recently where they will select the winner of the main prize and then 5 smaller awards will be based on the people's choice/votes ... so I entered Senor Molina (Mr Windmill) - the homeless man who lives near a windmill in Corralejo/Fuerteventura.     I'm pleased to say that he has been shortlisted along with 42 others and voting runs till 26 November

Although it is described as a coloured pencil competition, you will see some pastel entries which I was surprised about but it appears they have classed pastel pencils and coloured pencils

If you'd like to vote for Senor Molina (or any other picture of course) here's a link to the relevant page.   Entries are on 2 pages and mine is on the second page so you need to scroll down and click on 2/Next

You need to have a FB account to vote

 Jackson's Coloured Pencil Competition . Shortlisted entries


  1. I'm not surprised it was short listed, it's an excellent piece of work!

  2. Great drawing :) And good luck in the competition :)

  3. Thank you ladies. I'd far rather enter competitions that are juried (rather than these FB LIKES ones) but I guess you have to move with the times. Thanks for your support. Suex

  4. It really isn't fair to 'judge' contests like this but Jackson's just wants to generate more traffic/business. Seems to me to be a very artificial thing to do but -----.

    I hope you're a huge winner, Sue!

    Have had trouble getting a post to go through here lately so hope this one will post!


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