Friday 6 November 2015


I've done quite a lot of work on the Welsh Springer today but admitted defeated this afternoon when it got very dark at 3pm (now thrashing down with rain again).   So here's a couple of progress pics - from which I can tell that I need to deepen the colour of her ears.   I'm working from two ref. pics and her coat colour differs slightly but I can see she is too blonde ... needs to be more brunette (just a tad, nothing major)

Most of the face colouring is in place, she has a nose and one ear 

I made inroads on the 2nd ear but will wait for better light before completing it.    Having 2 spaniels in a row has been a test of patience ... all those curls.... but I hope to get this one (almost) finished at the weekend and put to one side for a while.  

Both the Spaniels are required for early/mid December so I plan to just get them almost completed, find out what adjustments (if any) are required by my clients and finish them when I'm back from holiday.     It will be good to see them with 'fresh eyes' after a break - makes the 'tweaking' so much easier I think.

I then have a cat to finish by Christmas and that's the last of the commissions - I deliberately haven't taken on many this year as we've had a stressful Summer and I didn't want to get into 'production line' mode and be battling against the clock to get portraits finished


  1. Pretty little dog, but not as lively looking as the black one. I want to take the black one for a run (dreaming - me running) but this one would lie at one's feet by the fire. IMHOP anyway.

    Have fun in your island home. Lucky you.

  2. Thanks Jo ... she was a bit of a livewire by all accounts (as are most Springers) but this is the pose the family want to remember her by and I've been asked to open her eyes/make her look a bit more alert as the original ref makes her look very sleepy/sad.

    My running days are over also ... I do occasionally wish I could go out on a nice hack through the woods but haven't been on a horse since I retired my old girl 6 years ago - afraid those days are all gone now .... slightly more sedentary hobbies these days although we do lots of walking when in Fuerte

  3. She does look slightly sad but very sweet at the same time. A beautiful dog.

    Don't think I could run very far nor even mount a horse without a mounting block these days so we're all in good company!

  4. This is amazing Sue , the dog looks so real , really beautiful !

  5. Thanks for commenting ladies .... I've been faffing around with this one for a few hours today - the light is dreadful and the photos are coming out far too 'yellow/orange' so will try to get a better picture tomorrow when I thin the stormy weather may have passed by so we'll get better light conditions.


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