Tuesday 3 November 2015

03/11: COCKER SPANIEL .... slowly, slowly

I'm slipping behind schedule again. 

Saturday was Grand-daughter Sophie's 5th birthday, yes she's a Halloween baby.   She had a Go-Karting party so I was roped in to be official photographer and so that ate up most of the day.   The weather was brilliant, unseasonally warm and sunny, and everybody had fun - including the parents so all went well.

Since then the weather has been gloomy and we've had thick fog every day so it has been difficult to work, particularly on black fur.   I've also had some problems with my drawing hand as I have early stage Dupuytren's contracture which doesn't usually bother me too much but has been aching a lot recently.  So I'm taking it easy with the pencils

A little more progress here and hopefully she'll be finished tomorrow (before I head off for yet another dental appointment mid-afternoon).   Then I'll crack on with the next dog (also a Spaniel but a Springer this time) and the cat will follow afterwards as I'm not sure which ref. photo will be used yet


  1. Coming right along, Sue! She looks both lovely and lively even though you said she was an older dog. I'm sure her owner will be thrilled with the finished portrait.

  2. Thank you Jan. She's 12 which I think is quite a good age for a Spaniel and puts her into the 'mature lady' category.

  3. Mature maybe, but she looks like she is raring to go, I can see her bum wiggling and her panting and saying come on, let's go.

  4. You're right about the wiggling bit Jo ... her 'dad' brought her to my house so I could photograph her and it was a bit 'hit and miss' getting a decent shot as she was soooo excited. Apparently she thought she was going to the Vet so it was an unexpected treat to meet a strange lady and have the run of a different house/garden!

  5. grand kids are more important then blogging :)

    Dupuytren's contracture...ow :( really sorry to read that it is bugging you at the moment

    the Spaniel looks great, very happy looking dog :)

  6. Beautiful work Sue! They will absolutely love this portrait!

  7. Sue, your spaniel is wonderful - she is ALIVE!!! I am sorry to hear about your hand problem. I hope the pain Backs off.

    Take care!!!

    Kathryn XX


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