Friday 21 December 2012


Well, we got back to England last night so goodby sunshine for a few weeks and hello Winter Skies.  Mustn't complain, although we had a slow drive home through torrential rain and rush hour traffic, the weather today is quite mild and no rain (so far).

This Nativity Scene was photographed at Fuerteventura Airport yesterday morning, it was behind glass so difficult to photograph without getting reflections from all the bright lights from the airport shops

notice anything different?

Yep.  Its behind glass because its in an aquarim.   The concourse at Fuerteventura Airport has a floor to ceiling aquarium full of colourful fish.  Must confess I'm so used to seeing it now I usually pass by without really looking at it but some bright spark has set up a nativity scene on the bed and it was quite surreal watching the fish dart in between all the figurines.

These shepherds are so busy watching the bright star they haven't noticed the fish!

The three wise men brought Frankincense, Myrrh and Goldfish ?!

I took lots more photos but won't bore you ....

and some fluffy white clouds through the plane window - think these were over Portugal (or thereabouts). 

Its funny seeing clouds from above and reminds me of that lovely 60s song 'Both Sides Now'

Tough decision which version I like best - Joni Mitchell or Judy Collins, but I think Judy's version wins (for me)

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  1. That's rather fun Sue, never seen anything like that before. Baby looked rather well grown though!! Clever of the islanders to come up with that one, wonder if this is the first time or whether they have done it before.


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