Wednesday 5 December 2012

05/12: GOOD OLD BEEB!!!

Well they've done it again ... I don't know why I ever believe the BBC online forecasts.    When I checked yesterday it suggested rain showers this morning.   Showers (possibly wintry) on Thursday and sunny again Friday.

Woke up this morning to black skies and drizzle.

Half hour later it started snowing, and snowing and snowing.   Took these at 8.30am in the garden and am wondering how long its likely to last.   The BEEB (bless them) now say rain at 9am, sleet at 10am and rain again at 11am.  If that's so, then the snow will soon disappear.  It's still a bit 'girlie snow' but it is settling and the flakes are very large

We are just getting ready to do our usual Wednesday stint at the Pilgrims Hospice eBay office which is approx half hour's drive away.  Here's hoping the snow doesn't stay around for too long making driving difficult.

But I've been out and broken the ice on all the birds' water bowls so they'll be OK for a few hours.

Hope you're staying warm and dry in your part of the world


  1. Wow, Sue! How common is that in your area? We don't get that nasty, 4-letter word too often but when it does come, it just about shuts everything down!

    Sure hope you're able to do what you need to do today without any problems!

  2. Oh, the first few snowfalls in December are just so breathtaking, aren't they? I love them! But we have 60 degrees and rain... very unusual. I put the tree up anyway, but it just doesn't feel like Christmas yet. Enjoy your dusting of snow, and I hope that you don't get too much that it becomes a problem rather than a joy.

  3. That's snow? I've seen better than that in Kent. I remember the Medway freezing one year, not completely, but for a good way out from the shore.

    Think it was last year granddaughter (Michael's daughter) loved the snow when it arrived but after a day or two she got sick of it. They live in Medway Towns.

  4. cold and snowy here, not a lot of snow but its slippery enough a person might fall on their back :/

    if it going to snow, i want enough to make a snowman :p


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