Thursday 6 December 2012

06/12: SNOW JOKE!

Well, yesterday's light coating of snow managed to bring the South East to its knees again!!   Our half-hour journey to the Pilgrims Hospice office where we do voluntary work took 1½ hours - mainly because of cars (BMWs in particular) which couldn't cope on slippery roads.

The snow hadn't actually been forecast and it came early in the morning and settled on the roads which were already wet/icy so black ice was the biggest problem.  We passed crashed vehicles and some that simply couldn't get a grip and make it up hills.   There was a 10 car pile-up just minutes from where we live although we didn't witness that and thankfully there were no injuries (just a few dented cars).

Rain came by lunchtime and most of the snow cleared by mid afternoon although its still very cold.

Some pictures taken of our first Winter Snow.  Didn't realise I'd left the camera set to Monochrome ... but I think it looks quite atmospheric really

Yeti AKA David walking to our car

Me taking photos out of the car window  :-)

Back to colour once I realised I'd got the wrong camera settings.    Stuck in a jam waiting for cars at front to get up the hill, or be pushed to one side by volunteers trying to keep traffic flowing.

Can't wait to see what happens when we get 'proper' snow!!

OK ... back to work now.  I'm waiting for my client to come and collect the Spaniel portrait today.  She lives fairly close and has to time the collection so her husband doesn't become suspicious.

So I'm working on a horse pastel whilst waiting.   I haven't got very good ref photos of the 'favourite pose' so he's being drawn using a selection of pictures so I'm building a composite almost.


  1. Glad you were able to make it to the charity without mishap! I hate snow and ice but there's supposedly a drought in several areas of the US so guess we should be grateful to get moisture in any form.

    Hope your client is able to get out to collect the spaniel portrait & glad you're able to work on your horse portrait!

  2. Thanks Jan
    Well we drought forecast at beginning of the year and we had a hosepipe ban throughout the summer which was only lifted her a couple of months back. Ironically its been the wettest summer we've had for years ...
    I don't really like snow either - its so pretty when new but soon turns to grey slush and is horrible to walk/drive on.

    The spaniel was collected about an hour ago and is being taken straight to the framer so hopefully she'll get it back in time for the wedding anniversary on 20th December.

  3. I like the black & white photos,stay warm|

  4. Thanks Cathy. The snow/ice has turned to wind/rain now - not sure which is worse really :-(

  5. Amazing how people forget how to drive in snow. We get lots of snow every year of course and drivers don't seem to have a clue from one year to another. Love the black and whites.


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