Saturday 14 February 2015

14/02: PETER PAN - first stage

I've made a start on my next 'Fuerteventura Character'.     We met him when he was relaxing at Domenoteca Bistro in Corralejo chatting to Domenica (the owner).       Apparently he manages or owns Peter Pans Pizza and Snack bar in Town ... we've never sampled one of his pizzas but walked past last week and there were some lovely aromas drifting out ...

I can't remember his name so will call him Peter Pan for now ... he really is a bubbly, smiley man

Here I've just started mapping out features and adding a bit of colour to check where I've indented to show white whiskers/hairs.  Again, I'm working on Derwent watercolour paper which is white - despite what my camera has decided to do to this photo!

For my sins, I've agreed to demonstrate coloured pencils during one day of the UK Coloured Pencil Society's Annual Exhibition in London this May.    If you've been following my Blog posts you'll have worked out that I tend to approach each portrait differently so I don't follow rules or have a routine ... I'm what a fellow artist friend describes as a 'flitter' so I'll have to think carefully about what I'm going to do and make it look as though I know what I'm talking about 

That's it for today ... off to visit family members now


  1. You really have a thing for hair and you're marvelous with it! This is going to be a real winner!

  2. Aww thank you Jan .... I have to say this isn't the character I'd planned on drawing next but I asked David to select from a group of 6 subjects and this was his favourite. So I'm committed to drawing lots of hair again.... my choice would have been a local Spanish fisherman with a very stern expression but wearing a hat that totally obscured his hair ... but I'll do my best LOL

  3. He is so darned handsome!! Can't wait to see more! Your last paragraph made me laugh. You'll rock it, Sue. No worries.


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