Monday 9 February 2015


So far, so good .... a little more progress on the cp drawing of the 'tramp' I started yesterday.    It took an age to get the hat looking the way I wanted it to even though I was trying to keep it simple

First I drew lots of little circles between the 'ribs' of the knitwear,  then added a simple line through each circle

 and then carefully outlined the circles and shaded with black/grey and Ultramarine Grey (a Van Gogh colour) to get the depth of colour I wanted and a slightly 'fluffy' look

It will probably need a bit more work at some stage but I was happy to leave the hat and move onto his skin and all those wonderful wrinkles .....

I'm not sure how I'm going to tackle his wayward moustache and beard yet ... will probably do a bit of indenting and then make the rest up as I go along.  I'm not a great one for planning ahead :-)

We have an important day out tomorrow - a'booze cruise' to France to replenish the wine stocks for ourselves and a friend.   We're lucky to live so close to France as we can be there and back in half a day.   At the moment the Ferry company is offering return crossings (taking our car) for just £24 and they're giving us 6 bottles of wine free of charge.   So realistically our crossing is free - thank you P&O Ferries.

Then Wednesday we're back working at Pilgrims Hospice eBay office doing our voluntary jobs so no more artwork now until Thursday, by which time I will have decided how to tackle the facial hair on this character (hopefully)


  1. Wow, wow, wow, Sue - that hat is so realistic! We called them "stocking caps" when I was growing up in Kansas and people here call them "toboggans". I've had many odd looks when I say they're toboggans and found this website that really goes into the origins:

    Sorry to get off track - I really just wanted to say this is looking great!!!!

  2. Thanks Jan
    Drawing those little circles/ovals really made my eyes go fuzzy ...
    I think in my earlier post I called it a bobble hat - but it doesn't have a bobble so I guess its what we now call a 'beanie hat' in the UK.
    I've never heard of the hat being called a toboggan so thanks for the link. Now I know what to call it if I ever get to Southern USA!

  3. I guess here it would be called a toque (pronounced toook) here. Looks good but what a lot of work. Look forward to seeing the rest of it.

    Can't beat that booze cruise deal - is there a limit on what you can bring back, guess not nowadays. Common Market and all that.

  4. This is absolutely fantastic, that hat is incredibly realistic !

  5. Thank you Jane. I've just popped over to your Blog and love the vibrancy of your works. I'd love to paint but sadly me and paintbrushes don't get along ... I'm much safer with pencils :-)

  6. This is just coming along so perfectly! I can already see the life lived in this man's eyes.


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