Sunday 18 October 2015


Just awaiting approval from Hector's 'mum' then I can give the portrait a light spray of fixative and get it parcelled up ready to go.

I'd hoped to put the final touches to the RAF portrait this afternoon as its only graphite so poor lighting isn't such a big issue ... but I think I need a break from the drawing board and I've just taken delivery of 48 lavender plant plugs (thanks to the Telegraph Gardening special offer - 48 free of charge, just pay postage)!  They are quite small so need potting on ... think I'll take care of that now and then chill out for the evening.

We're off to France tomorrow to stock up on wine and goodies.    The forecast looks good so should be a smooth ferry crossing so long as we don't get held up by the antics of the illegal migrants at Calais.


and with a mount laid over the top to give an idea of how he'll fit a frame.    He'll be packed with a double cream coloured mount once approved.

This is the portrait I completed of her other Horse - nearly 3 years ago now.


  1. It's a beautiful job, Sue. I'm sure your client loves it and the same with the Labradoodle!

    So glad you're home and hate that you're having to go thru the dental issues.

  2. Hector looks good :) and so does the older horse

    hope your ferry crossing goes smoothly and you don't end up waiting for hours to get going

  3. Thanks Jennifer ... we live quite close to the Channel so well placed to get the train or the ferry to France .... handy when the wine stocks run low !!


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