Friday 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

Just a quickie as we're off to a friend's house tonight for a Halloween Get-together with the 'old crowd' close to where I used to live. Amazing we all met through our horses when we stabled them at the same livery yard(s) ... all those apres horse-riding sessions with hot coffee laced with 'something to keep the cold out'  LOL.    Must be 20+ years since we first met ... something like that anyway. 

I used a recipe posted by  Jo on her Blog recently for a shallot and mixed cheese Halloween Spider ... mine doesn't look quite as good as hers, but it tastes good and its a bit of fun   

You can't really tell from this photo but its 10" long and approx 6" wide (minus the legs) and supposed to feed 12 ... its quite a hefty beastie and has feta, goats cheese and cheese spread coated with poppy seeds (as I couldn't find black sesame seeds)

A little more progress on the cp drawing.   I'm gradually getting to grips with the braids and I'm kind of toying with the name 'Pretty in Pink' to steer away from anything that might be viewed as politically incorrect in these stupid times.

 Can't spend too much time on her as I've now got the ref. photos for the next Christmas commission and I'll make a start on that over the weekend.

Happy Halloween everyone ... thankfully we live off the beaten track so never got bothered with Trick or Treaters 



  1. Scary creative. Love the piece you are working on..beautiful

  2. That spider didn't half scare me!!! Looks good. Your drawing is amazing and such feeling in those eyes. Have a great Halloween :)

  3. Your title is as good as any but I really kinda liked the "Hair-braider's Daughter" and didn't think it sounded like a limerick at all. "Black Beauty" might cause some offense around here but I say that only because I live in the South - any girl would be pleased to be called a beauty. The update is really stunning - one of my favorite paintings of yours so far.

    As for the Halloween Spider - at first glance I thought it was made of a couple of wire kitchen scrubbers but I'm sure it's delicious! You can never mess up cheese! Have a good time at your get together - so glad you're feeling up to it!

  4. She is absolutely beautiful Sue and I really look forward to seeing her finished. Wonderful choice on the title...As far as the spider..what an awesome idea...
    Something to think about for next year!!

  5. Hey, your spider looks good Sue. The legs worked didn't they? You omitted the marking on the body though, supposed to look like a Black Widow.

    Your drawing is looking great. Pretty in Pink is good. However, she is black so I don't see what's wrong with Black Beauty.

  6. Thanks ladies. The spider 'went down a treat' last night. Delicious! Jo, I omitted the red bow on the back as didn't want to open a new (large) container of peppers just for this 'one-off'

    We don't normally have poppy seeds in the store cupboard but having read how beneficial they are I'm going to start sprinkling them on salads etc from now on


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