Sunday 15 December 2013


This time last week .... We were still at our home on Fuerteventura. Although there is no time difference between the Canary Islands and England, sunset at the moment is around 6.10pm on Fuerte and here in Kent its around 3.50pm - and dark from lunchtime when we get rain all day (like today)

So the view at 4.30pm walking from town to our house on the beach path last week

Yesterday we went to the neighbouring seaside town of Herne Bay, here on the Kent Coast.   This was the scene at 3.30pm ...... 

Ok, ok, so the tide was out and it was cold and misty ... but no comparison is there?        

Actually the twin towers you can see on the horizon (left side) are the ruins of a 12th Century Church at Reculver, a national landmark.    Reculver was the place where Barnes Wallis' 'bouncing bombs' were tested during the second world war (or the early prototypes anyway) ... Think Dambusters and RAF 617 squadron and Michael Redgrave playing the part of Barnes Wallis in the famous film.

Going back to the sunnier seaside .... this little mutt was really enjoying his outing on the paddle board.  Each time the oar was pulled back towards him he snapped at it and was having a great game

actually, looking at the photo properties I see these pics were taken at 3.30pm ... would have been dark here in Kent and far too cold to be playing at sea   LOL

We were sitting at a beach bar whilst watching man and dog and I was fascinated by the couple at a neighbouring table.  I wish I'd had the nerve to ask officially if I could photograph the guy as he had the most amazing blue eyes but I made do with a sneaky snapshot before he put his sunglasses back on.   He would have made a great subject for a portrait I think.     

Put me in mind of Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones .... well perhaps a slightly younger version.  You probably can't see it here, but in the high res photo its obvious that he's wearing quite a lot of eyeliner!

Anyway,   we're well and truly back home in wet and windy Whitstable and I think I've just about sorted out all my photos and emails etc and got the housework up to date so should be back on track for some artwork next week.   I'm feeling less grouchy now ... always takes me a while to settle down when we get back here to reality LOL

Until I have some new work to show, I'll probably be filling in with more pictures from the Zoo and other photos of things that caught my attention recently.

Tomorrow David has another endoscopy lined up (he knows how to have a good time, my hubby) so we'll both be out of action for the day.    Him because of the anaesthetic and me as I have to chauffeur him and hang around the hospital till he's ready to be driven home.    I'm hoping to have a quick trip round the Canterbury shops as I still have some last minute presents to buy ... bah humbug.


  1. Hope your hubby's pooposcopy goes well, as they can go, poor lad. Interesting to see the comparison with your other home. Bet you can't wait to get back. Enjoy getting back to your art.

  2. Thanks Polly - they go in from 'the other end' in his case LOL

    Yep its a totally different lifestyle and I haven't watched TV once in 3½ weeks, barely used the computer - just lots of walking, socialising and reading. But its so much easier in a warmer climate. Just have to make sure we don't overdo the 'comfort food' now we're home!

  3. Yes, well, make us envious do. We are sitting in snow at the moment, even the Herne Bay pictures are warmer!! Did I tell you I was at school in Herne Bay for a while. Girdlers Collegiate which, I think, is still there.

  4. aww at the pup on the board :) looks like a cattle dog pup

  5. Thank heavens it's supposed to be warmer here today or I might have had to throttle you for posting those pics from Fuerte! Hard to imagine people in shirt sleeves and even in the water!

    Welcome back - now let's see some art!!!!

  6. Hi Jo
    I'm not sure that Girdler's Collegiate is still there - unless its changed its name of course. Can't find any recent references to it in Herne Bay although there are some mentions on Friends Reunited with people wanting to find classmates.

    So far no snow here - just lots of rain

  7. You're right Jennifer, that's the breed/type that sprung to mind when I saw this dog. He was really enjoying his ride :-)

    Lucky you Jan ... I'd love a return of warmer weather but its not going to happen in England for several months yet. I will settle down to my art soon ... just too many things getting in the way (particularly this potential last minute exhibition in Whitstable I may be participating in)


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