Friday, 30 November 2012


Where has the year gone??

I won't post any arty stuff tonight as I'm awaiting approval on two commissions so they might need a bit of tweaking.  I'll post them once I know they've been accepted and I can call them finished.

In the meantime, I had a real 'blast from the past' today by way of an email from Singapore.  I haven't seen Lyn and Glenn since I stopped being 'ex pat' and  left Singapore about 15 years ago.   The scary thing is that their young children who I remember very well are now adults - two are in their twenties.   Where does the time go??   I didn't know that Glenn was artistic but this is what he has been up to:

Glenn's paintings and books

I look forward to seeing more of his work soon ... and Lyn will be setting up a Blog for him I believe :-)

If you saw my earlier posts about the unidentified plants that have appeared in my garden recently, you'll recall that we decided they were Yuccas but I didn't know what variety.   The buds were quite deep red coloured.
Well this is what they looked like a couple of days ago.  The red buds have turned into creamy/pink flowers but I still can't work out the variety.   I've been trawling the internet and the variety that looks most similar is Yucca Torreyi (Torrey's soapwort) but that appears native to the USA.   Of the UK varieties Yucca Gloriosa seems likely but the pictures I've seen have variegated leaves - mine has plain green leaves.  

So I'm still stumped .. any ideas please. This is a photo taken on Wednesday, before the heavy frosts started.  Actually, the plant doesn't seem any the worse for being exposed to frost

The buds are still a long way from being properly open so it will be interesting to see whether it is frost hardy or will just die back.

That's it for tonight.  Enjoy your Friday Evening (and the weekend of course).


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i can't believe its the end of november, time has gone by too fast :/

the buds are pretty, hopefully it flowers. might be easier to finally figure out what it is when the buds open up

Jo said...

Isn't there a ministry you can ask. You can do that in the US. Not sure about Canada.

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Jo - are you out of hospital?
ps: day one of the Advent Calendar ... visited the toy shop this morning LOL

I have a friend with Horticultural Knowledge/Qualifications ... if you're looking in Jenni can you help with this one? If not, I could ask Colin I guess?

Bev said...

This is the same as mine, only I don't remember the buds being quite as dark as yours more the same pinky colour that yours is now. I think this is quite a popular variety I have seen a few of them around my neighbourhood. Doesn't the RSA have a website with a section for identifying plants?

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Bev - do you mean RHS? I checked their site, amongst others, and that's why I think this is probably Yucca Gloriosa although it doesn't really match properly.

RHS shows the flowers as being much whiter than mine and suggests it prefers well drained soil in full sun. This monster is growing happily on wet clay soil with morning sun only. But ... its happy enough so perhaps I'll stop worrying about what it is and let it do its own thing. So long as it doesn't get too large.

Bev said...

Oh dear, another senior moment, yes Sue, I did mean RHS....dont know where RSA came from???
My yucca was growing under a tree up against a fence in the north shadow in heavy clay and didn't get any sun. It was growing well and it even bloomed. As it was growing at such an angle it threatened to fall over so I chopped it down dug out the roots and planted a bit of root in a pot and it has once again taken off, so I think you could call them tough!

Sue Clinker said...

Oh ... those Senior Moments LOL

They happen more and more frequently these days I'm afraid!