Sunday, 18 November 2012


It has been very cold here in Kent today - but at least it hasn't rained and we've seen a bit of sunshine (even though there was little warmth in it)

We recently replenished all the garden bird-feeders with fatballs and topped up all the water bowls for our garden visitors.  

Our Hedgehogs are chomping their way through huge bowls of cat food/biscuits every evening and the woodmice who visit each evening to raid the hedgehog food (cat biscuits) have been getting little treats of grated cheese.  I know they are rodents, but woodmice are very cute and they are short-lived so who could begrudge them the odd cheese supper??

But .... at the moment, the birds aren't interested in the fatballs as there are so many berries in the shrubs at the back of our garden (which isn't a bad thing of course).  Also there's a great deal of interest in our damson trees which are still pretty full with over-ripe damsons (plums).  They've been attracting Jays (and squirrels) who seem happy to risk the hangover from eating fermenting fruit (can't blame them though as we use the damsons to make damson gin and damson brandy liqueurs!

I've called this little chap Rudolph for obvious reasons ... looks as though he's auditioning for the part of Santa's lead reindeer!

either that or he's been wearing it since 'red nose' day !!

The only garden visitors interested in the fatballs are the squirrels who've been raiding the feeders throughout the day.  You can see just how many berries we have on the shrubs from this photo taken earlier today


I've done a bit of 'tweaking' on the 3 border collies - nothing major but 'softly softly' till the client is happy and I can add whiskers and last minute 'bits'

and this is how the portrait 'sits' in the mount/frame

and a little more progress on the 'Grand-daughter' Xmas Commission

I'd scheduled this portrait for w/c 19 November so I'm a little ahead of myself and haven't emailed the client yet.   A couple of the 'animal' Christmas portraits have been put back slightly whilst sorting out the reference photos etc.      With 'human' portraits I prefer to get a little further advanced before showing WIP pics but will email my client tomorrow when I've tidied this up a little more.   

Right ... off to cook Dins now and enjoy a glass (or two) of Vino.   Cheers everybody - hope you've had a good weekend.

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

raining here now :/

love the bird photo :D since moving to this street we don't see many birds anymore, think the road is too busy for them to come around :/

the collies are looking great :D