Sunday, 11 November 2012


Another rainy, cold and miserable day here in Kent yesterday so scrapped plans to go to the stables to sort out Roxy's wardrobe etc.   I've found a local horse sanctuary which is doing brilliant work, but like most animal charities these days is struggling to make ends meet.     Anything usable in the way of rugs, stable equipment etc will be gratefully received and I'll be pleased to be helping them in some small measure by passing on Roxy's bits and bobs.

The forecast is better for today so am planning to take care of everything later

I realised this morning that I didn't show the final picture of the brown Border Collie I was working on recently.    He really was a pleasure to work on with all those gorgeous colours in his coat.   The picture has been well received by my client and I just hope that the final recipient will be pleased with her gift later this month.

Yesterday I worked a little more on the 3 x Black & White Border Collie picture.    I've left the main dog for the moment as will re-work it and add fine detail when the other two are more advanced.    As mentioned before, I will be adding cameo portraits of the client's two deceased collies and am working from small snapshots that don't give me much detail ... but so long as I can place the white markings in the right place I think it will all work OK

some early stages:

Oh yes, and I'm working on light grey Clairefontaine Pastelmat.  The portrait is approx 16" x 12" and I'm using a selection of Pastel pencils - Mainly Conte, Stabilo Carbothello and Derwent.

As I shall be out for the rest of the day, I'll line up some more photos from Bruges for tomorrow's Blog Post


Jo said...

The top collie looks a tad startled.

Not planning to get another horse?

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i know that collie look well, they looked startled a lot :p well done