Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Well ... not back to Bruges literally.  But I did take far too many pictures when there a couple of weeks ago  (its a very photogenic town) and I thought I'd show a few more in photos between 'arty' posts

Thankfully I don't have a sweet tooth so was able to look at these shop window displays without drooling (unlike hubby) and just admire the fantastic selection and displays.

For anybody who doesn't know Bruges, it is famous mostly for its Fine Chocolates, Lace and Tapestry and Belgian Beer!

Belgian Chocolates:

OK enough of the sweet sickly stuff   ......   LOL

I'm not moonlighting - really!    

tapestry work - sorry but there is a bit of glare from the shop window.  Really these were beautifully vibrant.


I loved this window ... the little bear sitting on the window ledge with a couple of empty beer bottles and a view into the shop showing all the goodies!

This has nothing to do with traditional chocolate, lace, tapestry or beer produce ... I just admired the denim horse!

That's probably enough for today's post (pre-prepared yesterday)!!!!    I'm still being very organised ..

Next post will be even more photos from Bruges ... and probably the last selection, you'll be relieved to hear, as I should have more artwork to post on Friday!


Jan/ said...

Oh, my, Sue! I DO have a sweet tooth and would have been very hard-pressed to resist those chocolates! All of your photos are wonderful - thanks for sharing a place I'll probably never see in person!

Jo said...

I would have been next to your hubby drooling, in fact my keyboard is wet. I loved the chocolate jigsaw puzzle, I want, I want.

Lovely pix Sue. Watched ladies hand making lace in Malta and Spain. Fascinating how fast their fingers moved.

Bev said...

Oh I want that horse....isn't he great, what is he made of?

Those sweets and choccies are way too pretty to eat. Great photos Sue.

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Bev
The 'denim' horse was pretty eye-catching but up close he was a bit disappointing.
Once I'd prodded him a few times (as you do) I realised he was a standard model you see in tack shops (made of resin or whatever) but the patchwork denim transforms him/her. I guess the denim is 'stretch' fabric as it fitted the form so well - and the mane/tail are just shredded denim - looks a bit 'rasta' doesn't it?