Sunday, 25 November 2012


The dividing fence between our house and our elderly neighbour's place was blown over in the recent wet and windy weather.   I hoped we'd be able to re-erect it but it turned out the builder (bless) had put the wooden supports direct into the soil - and we're on wet/clay soil.  As it wasn't raining this morning we went out to investigate but found that the timber was rotted and we had no option but to take it all down.    Going to have to bite the bullet and have a new one built (properly) once the weather gets better.

But we still fared much better than all the poor folks who live in beautiful South West England.  The floods have been quite horrendous and I feel so sorry for the people whose homes were flooded with dirty water.

Being the first dry morning we've had for a while, I did a bit of garden clearance and tidied away the hedgehog feeding station (they've hibernated now) and topped up all the bird feeders/water dishes etc.

Guess who was the first garden visitor to test the new fatballs?  

So, yet again, I wasn't as productive with my art/commissions as planned .. but I did manage a couple of hours and ... tomorrow is another day!!

The little girl/toddler portrait has now been approved after I slimmed down the face a little more ... this is the finished picture and it will be wending its way to my client next week.

The colours are more 'true' here as I photographed it in daylight

and the spaniel portrait - not as far advanced as I'd hoped but I'm getting the base colours down which is always a bit tedious (and messy) so looking forward to being able to start on adding fine detail.

This is a rubbish picture as I photographed it under fluorescent lights ... but its pastel on light grey pastelmat (looks very pink here).   Early days yet  but you can see what a pretty, interesting face she has.

Hope you've all stayed warm and dry and had a good weekend.


Jo said...

Snowing in this part of the world although not this morning thankfully. I think the little girl looks a lot better now although if her cheeks were chubby in the pic, maybe its not really accurate eh? Customer is always right though.

Typical squirrels. We had our bird feeder pretty well protected from them for years, but eventually one little perisher managed to find a way to get at the food. Didn't do him a lot of good as it was just before we left for Canada. Don't suppose the new owner bothered.

Jan/ said...

Glad to hear that you were able to move on with your commissions but hate to hear about your fence. Hope you can get a new one built quickly, correctly and at a good price!

The little spaniel does have an endearing face - can't wait to see more of this one.

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Jo
Her cheeks were chubbier in the picture because shes smiling (and her eyes are also narrowed as a result) but as you say the customer is always right. Its no problem to 'tweak' the picture (up till the point where its sprayed with fixative).

We've not found any real 'squirrel' proof feeder so just give in and let them share. I know they are 'tree rats' but they are very entertaining.

Thank you Jan.
The spaniel is elderly now but still very lovely. I've seen photos of her as a 'young lady' and she was quite stunning!