Thursday, 1 November 2012

01/11: SAY CHEESE :-)

Yesterday we ran out of hedgehog meat (tinned Whiskas cat food - chicken flavour as hedgehogs mustn't have fish) but decided that it wouldn't do our spikey friends any harm to forage for themselves for an evening

But ... we couldn't stand the disappointment on their little faces when they turned up at the 'feeding station' to find the dish empty ... so we sacrificed some of our rather nice English Cheddar cheese.   Whilst hedgehogs can eat cheese, they're only supposed to be given mild varieties but all we had in the fridge was vintage mature stuff.   Not that we had any complaints last night!  Yummee!!

Getting a little worried though as its gone midnight and we've had no hog visitors this evening.  I know the weather is pretty grim, but that doesn't normally deter them, especially this time of year when they're feeding themselves up ready for hibernation.  Just hope we didn't give them stomach ache last night!    Its back to tinned cat food and dried biscuits tonight so maybe they just don't fancy 'plain' food after last night's treat


Jo said...

Gourmet hedgehogs eh? Love the pictures. Never seen a hedgehog that clearly before.

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Jo
The pics are taken with flash so a little 'bright' but I love these little characters - especially when a couple of dominant ones vy for pole position ... they're like little sumo wrestlers circling each other and grunting/huffing!

Katherine Thomas said...

I still cannot fathom the notion of feeding the wild hedgehogs in your neighborhood... Thanks for sharing this!

Sue Clinker said...

Put it down to British eccentricity Katherine. Many of our native species are in serious decline because of changes to farming/gardening patterns so we like to do our little bit to keep them healthy and happy :-)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

awww so cute :D yep now you have spolied them, tinned food will not do ;)

Deborah Adams said...

Ohhhh.... I just love hedgehogs! Thank you so very much for sharing your photos! :-)
~ Deb