Tuesday, 13 November 2012

13/11: COLLIES

I'm struggling to find any detail in the small pics of the 2 deceased Collies so will photograph this tomorrow morning in better light and email my client for guidance.   

This photo was taken in artificial light tonight so the colour is off, but I've been concentrating on placing the white markings correctly.   If my client is happy at this stage I can do some 'tidying up' and adding little whispy bits of hair etc.

So - not a good pic but enough to show that I haven't been idle today :-)

I shall be doing my usual voluntary day at Pilgrims Hospice eBay office tomorrow and Thursday we have to accompany MIL to see the Hospital Consultant to ensure her recovery from broken hip and shoulder is on track ... its a slow process but she's getting there we think !!

Back to the drawing board on Friday - hopefully to finish these Collies, then its either a beautiful elderly spaniel (who sadly is in very poor health so I'm awaiting instructions from my client re. the preferred reference photo) or a lovely coloured cob (again, dependant on sorting out the best ref. photo).  

After that its back to humans ... I need to finish the graphite portrait of the baby I started a week or so ago, and then its a little girl to be drawn as her dad's Christmas present.   

I have a Wedding Couple portrait I'd like to complete before year end, but there isn't actually a deadline for it so it will be fitted in as and when time permits.     A nice mixture of subjects to keep me out of mischief!!


Jo said...

Looks like its coming on well Sue.

They certainly look very different dogs.

Kendra said...

Nice drawings of the collies. The fur is so beautiful, I could reach out and pet them! The dog on top has beautiful eyes, looking right at the viewer.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the fur is lovley and so soft looking on all of them :)

Lene said...

A beautiful collagepicture of border collies. Lovely fur and faces :)